Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The grass is greener on the other side! (and in this case it really is)

Tug (our large newfie) decided that he was sick of the back yard. Not to mention that our new neighbor next door has two miniature schnauzers that tantalize Tug through our adjoining fence. With that said, Tug determined that being on the other side of that fence was a better idea. He in turn tore down a good portion of our wooden fence and escaped to our neighbor's yard. Mind you that our yard is a literal mud pit because of Tug's incessant digging and running (did I mention he weighs just over 100lbs ?). So...lets sum this up... there is no grass in our yard, it is a muddy mess, and our fence is now down on the ground. Ohhh...and I almost forgot to tell the best neighbor has a small dog door leading into her house! Yep! Tug managed to squeeze his way through this diminutive hole and into our brand NEW neighbor's house. When my neighbor got home she found muddy prints all over her home. But what surprised her the most was when she found Tug asleep on her BED with her two schnauzers. It's a good thing our new neighbor is just as much of a dog nut as we are because she could not have been any nicer to us about the whole fiasco. In fact, she couldn't believe he could squeeze through the dog door so she put him outside and then watched him re-enter her home just so she could witness it for herself. Later that day she could not get Tug to stay in our yard (because the fence was now acting as a deck) and she sat on her couch and watched him cry at her back door. Eventually she couldn't take it and she let him inside for the rest of the day to hang out with her and her pups. Needless to say we offered multiple times to have her carpet cleaned and she settled with Tim helping her fix some dry wall problems in return. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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