Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's all about the "Gus-Man"

Gus' resumed nightly napping position

Sherlock Gus

Gus' one and only time swimming on his own. Soon after this picture was taken Tug jumped in and attempted to "rescue" Gus by pulling him to shore by his collar. You could tell Gus did not appreciate it because he has never stepped into water above his little legs since then. But could you blame Tug? He was just trying to be a protective little brother.

Oh and I almost forgot... when Gus swims he grunts really loudly. It's super cute!

He doesn't look too thrilled to be receiving a bath. His eyes look like they are bugging out of his head.


Molly Sue said...

If the super cute animal didn't pee all over everything at will, I might let the little detective come to the cabin. Then he could swim in the "lake".

Tim&Kirst said...

Sherlock Gus has been known to squirt just about everywhere... but he has gotten a little bit better! He now reserves peeing for the hardwood floor, which I'm appreciative of because it's much easier to clean than carpet. :)