Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Sibs!


Frances (feef the beef)


Dara (Dare Bear)


Meghan (Meg Peg Leg)

I am so lucky to have so many siblings. Family gatherings are a riot and I enjoy every single one of them. I thought I would tell one funny/silly thing about each sib.

Kailee- she passionately hates all cheeses (but little does she know pizza is loaded with it)
Frances- she can burp and fart anyone under the table (even Tim)
Dara- she chose to NOT drive until she was 18 years old
Victoria- she cracks herself up! She laughs at her own jokes (which happen to be semi-good) :)
Meghan- ummmmm well...I can't think of anything! :) Meg is Meg! That's funny enough!
Brian- he thought he would be older than Meghan someday (it drove him crazy that he was the younger brother)

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Anonymous said...

And then there is Kirsten...uhm. Didn't like any food for many years of her young age. She was force fed oatmeal until age three. She would scare the hell out of me because she was such a dare devil and appropriatley married someone crazier than her. But she is very smart, beautiful and giving.

Guess who?