Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tim's new running partner!

Tim and Tug have started their nightly ritual of running (with hopes to get ready for the steeple chase run--17 miles up City Creek Canyon). At times I'm fortunate to join them and the times I have tagged along I've noticed that Tug will run his little (did I say little? I meant big) heart out and then he will chill in the middle of the trail and then you are forced to jump over him because he ain't moving. Tug also enjoys running at mach 20,000 towards you and at the last second he'll maneuver slickly around you. However, I was not "maneuvered" very well the other day. Tug saw me in the dust and decided that he needed to come and join me on the trail. So...he started his mach speed and came towards me like a bullet. I kept running thinking he would stop, but alas he did not. He plowed me over so hard and knocked the breath out of me. With that said... he can continue to be Tim's running partner. I'll stick with my triathlon ladies.

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