Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chalk Art festival

Every year my work puts on this huge chalk art festival. Professional and amatuer artists register to be apart of the contest. This year we had about 23 adult artists and approximately 20 something student artists. One of the adult artists was my little sis, Meg. Although she didn't win anything, I still think she's one of the best (I may be biased). Below I have featured some pictures of Meg working on her peice of art and other favorites of mine at the festival. Meg bought this picture while in Hawaii and decided that she was going to recreate it at the festival. She really should have one "Best Reproduction" because her picture resembled the original a great deal.

Our photographer took this picture of Meg's drawing... it's a close-up of the lips. I'm so proud of Meggers...she's such an awesome artist.

This was a cool peice of art. If you looked at with the right angle it looked 3-D. In fact, if you look closely you can see a cat and a bird looking down into the waterfall to catch a fish.

One artist did our chalk art festival logo in chalk...very nice of them...but they still didn't win!

Meg's peice finished. It's called "A Prelude to a Kiss."

Meg hard at work in 104 degree weather. It was sweltering hot that day and we couldn't keep the artists hydrated enough. I swear I walked the Gateway Mall with a cooler of water almost 30 times that day and we still had artists so thirsty.

Moku came to support mommy at the festival. He stayed tied up to a near by lamp post under the shade. At one point he came with me and sat under the table where it was nice and cool. Oh and if you look closely you can see that he is peeing. Good boy little Moku! On Sunday we went over to Meg's house after our walk with Tug and Gus and we let all of the boys play for a bit. It was super cute to see how gentle Tug would be with little Moku. Moku also started barking for the first time. His little yelp was the cutest sound ever...but believe me, it will not be so cute when he's 60 lbs. Good Luck Meg!

This peice was amazing! It was done by 4 college-aged girls and they have participated in the festival for the past 3 years...winning 2 times out of the 3. It had so much detail...this photograph doesn't do it justice.

This was also another peice that had a ton of detail. I was amazed with the talent we have in Utah. We had some great peices of was shame that they power sprayed the streets a day later.


Mindy said...

I love your blog! You guys are doing an awesome job keeping up on this!!!

I am going to update mine right now!

Molly Sue said...

I want to know if the college students had permission to knock off the James Chritiansen and if you like the chalk art, check this out. Totally cool!

Erika Hanks said...

WOW, those pieces of chalk art are amazing! Hope all is well at Utah Foster Care...ahh the memories! I can't beleive you have worked there so long!!! WOW!

Sim & Kam said...

So they water blasted the streets a day later this year? How come? Don't they usually let them stay for several days? Meg's was awesome.

Tim&Kirst said...

I guess the Gateway wanted them gone by Sunday because of some other event that was happening later that week. :(