Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kayaking Trip Gone Bad

Tim recently returned from a kayaking trip to the Payette River outside of Boise, Idaho.
Unfortunately, upon arriving in Boise, the transmission in his friends Mike's 4-Runner started acting up, forcing Tim, Mike, and Stew to campout in a Albertson's parking lot:

The next day, after weighing their options, they decided to rent a Uhaul truck to finish the drive up to the river:

It was all worth it when they hit the river that afternoon:

The peeing was great also:

With the 4-Runner still parked at Albertsons the boys decided to cut their trip short and tow it back home. All in all, after 15 hours of driving, only 3 hours of kayaking was had, hopefully next years Payette trip will have a more favorable kayaking to driving ratio!

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Molly Sue said...

I need copies of the river pics for the cabin. And if you happen to have any of the bouncing blond in ski action, I know it's a stretch, I need some of those too.