Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Missing Dollar

Tim and I were doing some mind puzzles the other day and we came across one that we couldn't put our brain around. We both sat there thinking for almost an hour. Of coarse we finally got it, but it took us a while. Give it a try for yourself and tell us what you think.... at a later date I'll post the answer.

Three students checked into a hotel and paid the clerk $30 for a room ($10 each). When the hotel manager returned, he noticed that the clerk had incorrectly charged $30 instead of $25 for the room. The manager told the clerk to return $5 to the students. The clerk, knowing that the students would not be able to divide $5 evenly, decided to keep $2 and to give them only $3.

The students were very happy because they paid only $27 for the room ($9 each). However, if they paid $27 and the clerk kept $2, that adds up to $29. What happened to the other Dollar?


Anonymous said...

$30 - $3 = $27.
$27/3 = $9
$2 is kept by the clerk. There is your $25.
Or another way to look at it-
They each payed $9, then times 3 = $27. Then take away $2 and you have $25.
It is easy to get sucked in and focus on $30 but you want to work back to $25. Luv Dad

Tim&Kirst said...

ohhh're so smart! That's exactly right! It's so easy looking at it now, but we were stumped for almost 15 minutes. And to think we both spent fortunes on our educations. :)