Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Camping in the Uintas

This past weekend we went camping with some coworkers/friends. We spent a couple of days up in the Uintas and hiked around some beautiful lakes, ate some yummy campfire food, and enjoyed each other's company. The dogs did awesome! They both slept through the night and this time there was no peeing and shaking in the tent (phew).

The ladies I work with! LOVE THEM! (from left to right: me, Amy, Christina & Heidi)
Chris and Christina staying warm by the fire. The temperature dropped down into the 50's in the evenings. It actually made for perfect sleeping. There is nothing I like more than being nice and cozy in my sleeping bag and chilly on my face.
Amy and Wes cuddling by the campfire.

Recruitment team (minus 2 people). Dave came up for the last night with his dog Jake. He left his sick/pregnant wife at home and came up to enjoy our company for a few hours before he returned to play nurse.
Family portrait at Upper Provo Falls! Tug looks as if Tim is strangling him.
We went on a hike up to Long Lake and once we finally reached our destination we had a lovely picnic, skipped rocks, and played with the dogs.
At one point I looked down to find Gus "helping himself" to his treats. We had packed an assortment of doggy treats for the boys and somehow Gus found them and was having a hay-day. He was being so funny! He was picking out the treats that he didn't like and setting them aside and then he was eating the ones he did. This picture is of Gus with his head completely submerged into his treat bag! Funny boy!
As usual...Gus was a muddy, dread-lock mess.
While we were up at the Lake Tug got into a scuffle with another dog and that dog didn't like Tug's playful attitude. Tug has a lovely scar on his nose and he was bleeding pretty bad.
After all the camping, hiking, cooking, eating, talking, and lounging around we came home unpacked and lounge some more. Although Tug and Gus live for these adventures they were both pooped when we returned home.


Josie said...

i'd be more worried about tim peeing in the tent than the dogs.

Amy & Wes said...

What a fun weekend.
We will definitely have to do it again.

Randy, Viv and Britton said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

jess said...

i so should have come! yeah blogger buddies!

Erika Hanks said...

SO FUN! Somedays I wish I still worked there....even though I never worked there...interned....Hey, my good friends from UT & CA just moved here and into Kim Warner's ward! Her name is Katie Taggart, she said she really like Kim. Small world huh?

whitney said...

TIm, I am soliciting Joe memories, if you have any please go to my blog and see the post about him. And yes, I am a blog stalker.

Sim & Kam said...

I soooo miss camping with you guys and just being in the mountains. You two are the best. Looking at these fotos made me homesick for our camping/tinfoil dinner buddies and the rockies