Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Madre'

For my mother's 50th birthday Tim and I made headstones to observe such a wonderful day. We then proceeded to place them in her yard while she was away at church. On the headstones we decided it was fairly appropriate to pay tribute to all of the many pets that "ran away" or died under her care. I say "ran away" because my mother has been known to give our pets away when she was fed up with them and then she would either blame it on them for running away or "those horrible racoons must have got them again". My mother was also notorious for killing our neighbor's pets as well. One morning we awoke to a dreadful squeal. We all ran out to the garage to find our neighbor's cat, Chester, caught in our garage door. With that said, we decided it was time to pay our respects to Chester by making him his long awaited headstone. Anyway...we never had one animal in our home for longer than a period of year before they mysteriously disappeared. I've caught onto your "secrets" mom! We've got a look-out on your two dogs Penny & Allie--you can't pull the wool over our eyes this time. Happy Birthday and we love you :)

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