Thursday, September 27, 2007


When we actually get around to brushing the poor pup we have numerous mats we have to pick out (this is all due to the many fun hikes he goes on--I don't need anyone calling the humane society claiming we are neglectful parents). :) Below is evidence of such a horrendous event. Shockingly, this picture doesn't do the brushing out massacre justice. When Tim can actually man handle Tug long enough to finish his entire body, we have almost 3 garbage bags full of newfie hair. We've contemplated weaving his hair into yarn and selling it on the internet for some extra money...hey, he's gotta earn his keep somehow. :)
In addition, I am embarrassed to say that Tug has never visited the vet for a grooming because we can't justify spending close to $100. The reason being, that within a couple of days he'll be right back to his snarly self. What to do? What to do?

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Anonymous said...

He is so cute... actually I have read that newfies like to be completey shaved so that they have less resisitance in the water. Yes this is a known fact....!!! Any good newfie owner knows this.
Sheeeeese leweeeese....
Love Dad.