Thursday, September 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

This past weekend, my mom and I flew down for a girls only "Celine Dion Farewell Extravaganza"! :) It was fun to spend the entire weekend shopping, and eating at awesome restaurants without any boys dragging us down.

Unfortunately, I had to check my camera at the door, so we have no pictures of Celine. However, her show was awesome and the dancers were amazing. If anyone is contemplating the trip down there it is definately worth it.

On Sunday morning we had a huge brunch at the Wynn hotel. After standing in line for almost an hour we then proceeded to stuff our faces for almost an hour. So yummy!

We then walked over to the Bellagio and walked through the conservatory. Right now, the room has a fall theme and different colored apples meticulously placed was amazingly beautiful.Our last night in Vegas, we decided that we needed to see Mystere by Cirque De Soleil in Treasure Island. I was not prepared for what we were walking into, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. Again, the dancers and performers were incredible. As we were standing in line to get into the theater we encountered this custom-made bike. You can't tell by this picture, by the woman's head was made from metal and her eyes lit up with a blue hue. I can only imagine how much this chopper would go for.
All in all, we had a great weekend and we have decided that it needs to be an annual event. Our next trip down to Vegas will be to see Bette Midler (she's taking Celine's spot in Caesar's Palace). Thanks for the fun trip mom.


Erika Hanks said...

Looks like so much fun! I am dying to see Celine! I had no clue Bette Midler was taking her place! I hope I can see her before she leaves! When are you coming to AZ?

Josie said...

Kirst you look adorable - the trip looks like a blast. We did a girl's trip with all my sisters, my mom and grandma to Vegas in March. They all saw Elton John, while I stayed in the room with my little bean. It is a great girl trip spot with the best shopping around!! Oh ps: I loved Mystere!

Molly Sue said...

forgive me, I just had to point out that the best pics of you are in Celine's crotch. That totally kicks ass!

As if you're surprised I picked that out.....