Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ahhhhh Happeee Birfday!

Meg turned 22! The above picture was taken moments after Kailee and Tim got into a spit wad fight in the restaurant. Of which one of Kailee's amunition got away and landed on the table next to us.
I thought this picture was funny so I had to post it. Probably the most pathetic puppy dog face ever! :)
I thought I would take a few moments to say how much I love my little sister (and possibly conjure up some good memories from our childhood). When Meg and I were little we would build elaborate forts in our formal living room with our baby grand piano, coffee table, blankets galore, pillows...etc. etc. etc. (you get the point). We could play for hours with each other. Most of you remember our backyard on Woodmoor street and how the hill to the back yard sloped down pretty steep. During the winter months we would build tracks in the snow and use our sleds as bobsleds. When the snow was deep enough we would build underground caves and we were always saddened with the snow would begin to melt our hard work. Even earlier in the life we loved to build little people and towns out of clay. I don't remember watching TV when I was little. We were always outside playing fairies in the "forest" with braided flower crowns from our neighbor's garden (we thought we were so sneaky, but they knew we picked all of their flowers). When we got older, Meg was always my biggest ice skating fan. She never missed a competition or ice show and was always the loudest cheerer. But, on the flip-side...I am Meg's biggest dance fan. She is probably the most amazing dancer I know. Many of you don't know this because she is so humble about it. In high school, she was the only girl allowed on the cheerleading squad and the dance team. Both groups needed her and allowed this rare exception. Currently, you'll find Magoo (Meg's nickname) serving people sushi at Mikados, studying like a mad woman (she wants to be a nurse), rock climbing at Momentum, or hanging out with her adorable puppy Moku. Anyone that knows Meghan knows that she has a zest for life and is always looking for the fun in it. She's adventurous and is always up for just about anything. I love you Meg! Happy Birthday!

AMENDMENT: I have been made known that there were several dancers on the cheer squad. However, I still think little Meggers is the best in the west. :)

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Meg said...

oh kirsty! thanks honey. I hope you know what a great sister you are to pretty sure i had a few tears drop. but im also pretty sure those tears have been coming easy these days...can't wait for the time when im not so touchy! love you more than the world, you are amazing and beautiful and teach me so much, thanks for being you kirsty poo. love you always