Friday, October 19, 2007

Cleaning Day!

While Tim was at home due to Fall break, he decided tha the was going to clean our house of all our undesirable items. I came home from work one day to find him head deap in our master closet. All of our clothing (and when I say "all" I mean it) was sprawled on the bed and he was carefully picking through the apparel and throwing out the unwanted. During this process Gus found himself a nice and comfy bed on the pile of consignment clothing.
Later, Gus found himself an even more comfortable bag of clothing that was intended for the D.I..
I think Tug was feeling a little left out. Sadly there was not a big enough pile of clothing for Tug to curl up on. :(

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The Kawasaki's said...

Cute! We have a dog about Tug's size that thinks he is a puppy. Whenever we sit on the coach he tries to climb into our laps and curl into a ball. Considering he about 70 lbs and taller and longer than our son, that doesn't work out so well... Love the pictures. We sure miss Utah in the fall (and Winter and Spring)... Tiffany