Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is cruel

okay so I had to...I found this hideous picture of meg (which is really hard to do, because she's is so naturally beautiful). Isn't it hilarious though...I love that a couple of the pictures are of men or women that look like men. Too funny! Sorry Meg...I had to, it was too good to pass up. :) Love ya. Oh and by the way...I don't think Meghan looks like any of these people. If I were to post one of her everyday "normal" pictures, the heritage website would surely match her up with models. :)


Erika Hanks said...

That is seriously HILARIOUS! Hope ya don't mind if I steal that idea and use it on my blog?? I have seen a lot of people do it to their kids, but I love the funny pictures! I was only in SLC for such a short time, I'm sorry I didn't call you guys! For sure over Xmas, I will be there longer than a weekend! are coming here in NOV, right? YAY!

Meg said...

camilla parker bowles? oh jeeze...this is a really hideous picture but ya know what i don't think that i would have been matched up with models, your just too nice kirsty