Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome Logan Grant Fuller!

On Wednesday the 17th Sabrina and Tad had their baby after a long and hard delivery. Due to the long delivery Logan was immediately placed in NICU and was watched for 24 hours until his blood tests came back clean. When born, he was 8lbs. 7 oz and 22 inches long. When we were looking through the NICU window we attempted to take a picture of him (see below), but this picture doesn't do his cuteness justice. He is definately a Fuller baby. He was large in size and had the Fuller nose. Do I dare say that he even looked a bit like Teisha when she was a baby (that's what Peggy said)? We are so excited to welcome him to the family. He's the first baby to be born into the family that carries the Fuller name!!
We're so excited for Tad and Sabrina. They are going to be the cutest parents.


Randy, Viv and Britton said...

you'll have to tell Tad & Sabrina Congrats from me! He looks like a cutie!

Becki said...

What a cute little guy! I hope he is doing better now! Looks like you have had a ton of fun the past week or two. Love the costumes for your Halloween party!

Mike & Mindy said...

Hey dudes!
So -- we needa to-a hang-a outta!

You guys are great bloggers. Very interesting stuff and always fun comments.

Mike misses his boyfriend so you guys better ask us out on a date!

(I brought Sabrina and Tad Paces for their dinner...i bet you made up some gourmet meal with all this nutrition. I am such a slacker:))

Anonymous said...

correction! I believe they had Logan Grant on Tuesday the 16th :) Sorry Beana! -Kirst