Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Erika!

Reeky turned 26 on November 10th! I thought this would be an appropriate time to take a walk down memory lane. Erika and I met when we were 8 years old and have remained best of friends ever since. We met on the ice at the Bountiful Recreation Center just weeks before the ice show. We were in the same flapper show program and Erika had the solo for our group (such a talented ice skater she was).
When we were little we would have "week-overs." We would literally live each other's homes for weeks at a time (during the school week and all). I have some great memories of our sleep-overs. We would call into Disney Radio and request outrageous songs in disquised voices. We would rearrange our furniture, sometimes breaking our beds and then we would try to discreetly hammer them back together. We would attach pillows to our bottoms and pretend to ice skate on the hard wood floors and would use the pillows as butt pads when we would fall.
Also...many of you don't know this, but Er and I are were once crowned the glory of the Fiesta Figure Skating Championship Ice Pair Shadow-dancing Competition. We had lovely red and black Latin dresses and we choreographed our entire number the day before we competed (this was after our parents paid to have it professionally choreographed and then we turned around and redid it ourselves).
Besides our Latin skating get-ups, Er and I liked to dress alike a lot. You would have probably seen us in the same attire almost everyday. We would shop together at the Gap and our parents would appease us by buying us the same thing. I would say we were attached at the hip.
Later in life, we would pretend to be sisters from England and when we would order food at restaurants with our oh so sneaky accents (they never knew we were American). When we woudl go on vacations together, people thought my little sister, me and Erika were either triplets or sisters close in age. We never disagreed and always played it up.
In our college years, Er and I shared an apartment together and found ourselves staying up all night with raging heat and a broken fan. Erika thought that by putting water on the fan it might make the propellars go around--we quickly found out that that doesn't really work well. :) Erika and I went onto graduate school together and currently you'll find her working for St. Marks as a clinical therapist and on the side making beautiful cards for her company, Plain Jayne Cards. But out of all of these memories, I remember laughing with Erika almost everytime I'm with her. Happy Birthday Er, I love you!


Josie said...

What a cute post Kirst - you two are a darling duo - - I love the pic of you two together. You need to post the flapper pic!

Erika & Jason said...

Ahhh....Kirsty! What a sweet post. Did ya really have to post that picture of me before I got my hair done for my wedding? I have so many great pictures and memories of us.
I will definitley work on getting the flapper picture up. My favorite is that Kirsten and I met during an audition for a solo skate at the local ice show, and during our rehersal, I toe-picked her into her knee....Needless to say, I got the Solo, but I didn't have much joy accompany that.
At least we're still best of friends and "sisters in spirit." HA.

Tim&Kirst said...

Oh my gosh Er! I totally forgot about the toe-pick incident. Good memory! I think you sabataged the audition and pulled a Tonya Harding on me :)