Friday, February 22, 2008

My "Normal" Family!

My family from Kansas came to visit for their annual ski trip. However, every time I pull out the camera my family members "pose" for their pictures. In fact, I don't remember the last time I got a good family portrait taken, where we are all smiling. Above is a picture of Meg picking her nose with her tongue (this picture doesn't do it justice--she can actually get her tongue submerged)
Typical face for Tim!
Feefers all by her lonesome. Again, another "normal" picture for my family.
ummm... this is quite disturbing Dara! Even Meghan (our little liberal) looks concerned.
The one person in my family (my dad) that will actually smile normal with me can't even keep his eyes open long enough to take a picture. :(


Meg said...

ya know what!! submersion of the tongue is totally "NORMAL" i resent your comment! oh and by the way you should probably check out my blog page there is another entry. i shall visit the page again in 5 months time! ha ha ha

Tim&Kirst said...

Resent away! The important thing is....that the truth doesn't rely on you believing it. :)

Em said...

I can get my tongue up to my nostril, but not exactly IN it! Holy cow Meg...that's funny! What a fun time to spend with your Dad and siblings--that's so nice that they come out and that you guys are so close!

Em said...

Kirst--I just clicked to see Meg's blog, and your comment about looking like you are wearing a toupee still has me laughing! I totally feel that way with side bangs in pix where you can't see the rest of your hair on the sides. I hadn't thought of it until reading your comment, and I can't stop laughing!!! : )

Poor Magoo....hope she has recovered by now!! : (

Em said...

Sorry for leaving THREE comments :), but I just wanted to let you know I posted abt. the sewing classes and such!!!