Friday, March 28, 2008

Aimless & Objectless Photos

To please the masses, I have decided to post a random compilation of pictures. Enjoy!

Mom and the Devil herself, Kailee. :) She can contort her face to all sorts of evilness.

Meg and her best friends. Her crutches became a constant stable during her times of trials. For those of you who don't know, Meg broke her sacrum, lower lumbar and chipped a couple of other nameless bones while snowboarding in the early fall. After a month of walking with crutches, her hip had shifted approximately 4 mm and she required surgery. She now has a 6 inch screw in her sacrum and a couple of other smaller screws to help keep her pelvis positioned. We are all thankful that she didn't do any permanent damage (or at least we hope she didn't)

Kay-Bug with another contorting face. She's such a cutie.

The oh so happy and joyous Billsky!
The whole Vigil-Finehout gang skiing at Deer Valley... of course... where else would we be? it's NOT the WHOLE GANG! We're missing Brian, Vicki, Tim and Meg in the pic.

Mr. Binky-Man (Jack). This is one of my good friend''s baby (actually I should say "kid" because he's one now). Wow! That year went fast.

What you saying V-Rap (Easton)? This is Easton, my BFFE's (Best Friend Forever & Ever) kid. :) This picture was taken at his blessing. He has some of the most beautiful eyelashes you will ever see on a child.

Hey to you too! Raise the roof!
We miss you Sammy! Besides my hubby, brother, father & father-in-law.... Sam's probably one of my most favoritest man EVER!

World Cup Aerials @ Deer Valley...these athletes were A-Mazing and my feet were F-Reezing!

Skiing and watching World's Cup Skier Cross. This is the best picture we could manage of the two of us. For those of you who don't know... my darling hubby used to compete in this sport. He raced in super-g, down-hill and skier-cross and he rocked harder than a granite slab. I sometimes wish he still raced, because I LOVED watching him kick some arse.

At one point my step-mom (Vicki) was sitting on the couch, but that was before my dad practically dragged her across the room trying to remove her boot.

One of the first hikes of the year with the pups! Tim brought Tug's brush with us and tried brushing him while out. YEAH RIGHT! This was his first hike in warmer weather this year, you think he's going to stand still for that?

Love these girls! This is just a few of my YW. Boy do I love them! For the group activity we went bowling with the YM's and the bishopric and each group had to come up with outfits. The beehives decided to go as "Queen Bees". Each girl had a tiara made from pipe cleaners and a sash that stated what they were the queen of.

Tim brushing Gus. Take a good look at Gus' face. He's in unexplainable pain. The anguish even shows in his tongue. Poor kid :(

Little Logan-Bean! I just love this squinty face. It almost resembles the above picture of Gus. :)

Not sure why they were giving these penguin paper cut-outs at Little America, but they were and my mother couldn't contain herself...she just had to. Such a crazy monkey she is...or should I say penguin?

Lastly, since we have season tickets to the BLAZE (they came free when we bought our new car), we decided to take Tim's parents to a game. Although we had nose bleed seats, we still had fun--even though we lost at the VERY LAST SECOND! Oh and can I point out how beautiful my mother-in-law is. When all of her kidlets were little she demanded that they call her "mother most beautiful". We've now shortened it to MMB...but it is true...she's beautiful!

Bill teaches skiing at Park City Ski Resort and when he's not teaching he's skiing. This causes quite the goggle tan line and an occasional sunburn. This week his and Tim's lips suffered tremendously. At the game Tim pulled out a tube of chapstick and of course Bill had to have some too. This is a before picture of him putting the chapstick on...

...and Senor "Red Popssssssicle"! The aftershot of the chapstick massacre. We'll end on that note and great picture.


Mike & Mindy said...

wow guys! Nice job on the photos. Seriously, i tell everyone that your blog is one of the best kept up blogs around. I mean...Jack even got a cameo.

Love you guys!
Mindy, Mike and Mr. Binki man

Sim & Kam said...

That was quite the update! We loved it, although it did make us miss you even more :( You are the bestest, BFF! I loved all the insiders. Love love love, miss miss miss, hug hug hug!

Brooke Nelson said...

fun pictures! I checked out the link on my blog, and it worked, so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you clicked on one of the freebies, because I did add a set of letters & numbers?