Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tim is Amazing

Thank you for the idea Tiffany.  TIm followed this link and took the test. Not only is he the hottest hunk of burning love in Utah but he is an amazing typest.

ADDENDUM:  Tim posted this and he wanted people to think that he is a PhD student that can't type.  His actual score was 62...but let's not forget who got the higher score--- me with a 98 the first time and then after that it was all down hill.  The second time I took it I was trying WAY to hard and got a 72.


Sabrina said...

Dang Kirsten you are awesome. The highest I got was 84 usually it was 72 or 76. I always thought I was faster.

The Kawasaki's said...

That's pretty funny! So Tim is getting his PhD? Geez, does he still find time to ski? Especially if he types at 18 WPM!

Danae said...

I spend all day at the computer... I'd be afraid to take that test just in case I'm not as fast as I actually think I am!

Thanks for your comments on my blog! Gary and I are living in Farmington right now in some townhomes by Garbett Homes. You've probably seen advertisements for them... they have billboards up all over the place. Anyway, good to hear from you again! (Any kids for you guys on the horizon?)