Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 29th

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday so I thought I would tell you how wonderful he is. Despite his chiseled abs and stunning facial features, he has the most tender heart EVER! :)

Let me just brag for a minute how wonderful my hubby is…Tim has always been a romantic dude, but this last week he gave me little gifts and cards that had notes attached saying, “do not open until Saturday.” When Saturday arrived, I felt quite guilty because his birthday was just around the corner and I felt as if I should be doing all of this for him, but instead he was doing it for me. He surprised me with a night out at The Melting Pot and each card had a sweet message. That is what kind of guy he is. He randomly surprises me with flowers and notes for no good reason. Below are just a few more things I adore about him.

- He’s super shy and doesn’t come out of his shell until you get to know him better

- Our first kiss was on a friend’s couch and he actually was in the middle of speaking and just planted one on me and then continued to finish his sentence afterwards. Just another example of how shy he is.

- He’s extremely animated and gets excited very easily

- He loves to do all of the things I love to do (i.e. biking, running, hiking, climbing)

- He’s just about the best skier I know and used to race competitively. In fact in his peak years he was invited to a Worlds Cup race in Australia.

- He loves Gus and Tug as much as I do (I know totally cheesy, because they are only dogs, right?) Not a lot of people appreciate our animals as much as we do.

- He loves to cook with me and try new things

- He always tells me my food good, even though I know sometimes he probably doesn’t like it.

- He does the dishes 90% of the time (I hate doing dishes)

- He was extremely supportive of me getting my master’s degree and always told me how proud he was of me for doing so.

- He’s extremely intelligent! Education and knowledge comes easy to him.

- He can fix just about ANYTHING. He’s my own little handy-dandy man.

- All of his professors ADORE him and in fact he was asked to teach a graduate level class this summer that is usually only taught by a PhD post doctorate or an associate professor.

- He’s extremely spiritual and takes notes in his journal during sacrament meeting and other conferences so he can remember what people say.

- He’s always striving to become a better husband and person. When given advice on how to become better, he takes it to heart and really tries.

- He has the best sense of humor and I find myself laughing just about every day with him (sometimes at him)

- He loves trying new and authentic restaurants with me

- He doesn’t look at me crazy when I get on my emergency preparedness and food storage kicks.

- He enjoys cuddling with me on the couch and most of the time initiates it.

- Although he’s not a crier, I still know that things touch him. He’s a softy

- He’s supportive of my career choice and is constantly telling me how worthwhile my job is.

- He makes family vacations and outings that much more enjoyable and my dad says that a family vacation is not as fun without him.

- My family LOVE LOVE LOVES him

- It’s fun to watch him play with my little sister Kailee. He’s such a great older brother to her

- He’s always willing to help tend and watch Kailee when my mom is in a pinch and I’m unable to.

- He loves his little beat up Honda civic. I’ve told him on numerous occasions to get a new car, but he told me he’s going to drive that sucker into the ground.

- He will occasionally take off a day from work to clean the house from top to bottom just to see me smile when I get home from work.

- He loves his parents and would do anything for them

- He loves his siblings and would do anything for them too.

- He’s the favorite uncle (because he acts like a kid with them)

- He is constantly telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and how lucky he thinks he is to be married to me, and I feel the same about him. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you all from reading a novel. I feel very fortunate to have met him and to be married to him. I know everyone thinks they are married to their true soul mate, but I think I’m ULTIMATELY married to mine. I love him with all of my heart.

Happy Birthday babe!


Sabrina said...

Kirsten-that was very cute. I enjoyed reading it because I mostly only get to see the crazy Tim side. I loved reading it. I hope Tim has a good day.

Also thanks for the cinnamon rolls. They were so good and they helped to get us all out of the door on time since we had extra people and I needed to get to work an hour early. Thanks!

Em said...

Kirst, your husband sounds so WONDERFUL! You sound equally yoked, and that was a nice tribute that was to him. Knowing your family, I'm sure they genuinely, just love him!

Erika Hanks said...

That was seriously so cute! I feel like I know so much more about Tim after reading it! I hope we can someday soon live in the same state so we can all four hang out A LOT more!

Becki said...

Happy Birthday Tim (even though we have never met) but that post was so cute Kirsten and I feel like I kind of do know him through your blog. What a great guy you have!

Josie said...

What a sweet post Kirst - we love him too. I hope he remembered to call Ben on Monday to remind Ben of his big day. We can't wait for you guys to come out here!!!

Sim & Kam said...

I seriously got choked up just now. Now, I know my love for Timothy does not compare, but I love the guy too-for several reasons. First and foremost, because he makes you so happy and he loves you to death. It's so evident. Second, many of the things you wrote I have witnessed. And third, he rivals Sam in things that I will not write so others can read-but you know what they are Kirsty.

Sim & Kam said...

I am having a Kirsty and Timmy moment where I miss you guys so much. We could not ask for better friends to travel and hang with.

Peebles Family said...

How sweet. Heart melting really.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have each other. I love you both very much.