Monday, July 21, 2008

Past couple weeks

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Tim and I have both spent time with the youth in our ward up at girl's camp and boy scout's camp. YW's camp was awesome (except for the sleeping aspect) and the girls in my ward are some of the best in the west.When I got home from Girl's camp Tim had cleaned the house from top to bottom. He also had dinner in the crockpot ready for me to push start. Also I've been into sour patch kids and swedish fish lately and he had two huge jars full of them sitting on the counter next to a card, present and some flowers. How cute is my husband?
This past weekend we also took the dogs on a hike up behind bountiful (where you could look down off of the peaks and see Morgan and Bountiful at the same time). It was absolutely beautiful and the dogs always enjoy getting muddy in the outdoors

Does life get any better than this? Seriously look how beautiful Utah is.


Sabrina said...

Wow, you have a huge YW. You'll have to ask me some time about sour patch kids. It's the only time I REALLY got sick.

Tim&Kirst said...

Bean...that picture doesn't even do our YW's justice. We had many girls missing from that photo. :)

Erika Hanks said...

Do you really have to remind me how beautiful UT is? That makes me homesick! JK-I love your pictures, the green mountains are so different (better, let's be honest) than these hills of sand/rock we have in AZ! I have been loving sour patch kids recently too! Nice work Tim!

Sim Kam said...

Sam needs to take some lessons from Tim sometimes. Actually, when I got home from Utah he had cleaned the house from top to bottom too and had rearranged the pictures (which looked good by the way) but the little extra things would have been nice too :) I miss Utah! I love green-grass, mountains, hills, etc.