Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turing in the Trike, Sunday Hike, and Early Birthday Surprise

This past week we had to say goodbye to one of Tim's most treasured possessions--his beloved Honda civic. When I met Tim he drove this baby like it was in style and going out of style at the same time. He always told me that he would drive that puppy into the ground before he would get a new car, but when it really came down to it I had to convince him that his car was driven into the ground 5 times over and it was time for the Honda to grace some other lucky person with it's presence. On Friday evening we decided to go car shopping and we came across a Toyota Tundra that he AUTOMATICALLY fell in love with. We went into the dealership and worked a deal and then walked out WITHOUT the truck. We had every intention of returning to buy that vehicle, but as we left the parking lot, Tim spotted a Nissan Titan across the street and decided to "just take a look". We drove in and set our eyes upon this truck and the sales man reeled Tim in like a dead carp on a loose line. You can pretty much guess what happened. We walked out of the there with keys in hand to Tim's new truck and he could not be more happy. However, Tim was a little disheartened when we drove away and left his white stallion (the honda) behind. RIP civic. You served us well. 1999-2008.

Okay so onto the new truck. I'm not too excited about having another car payment, but I am excited about the safety features in the back for the baby and more importantly (and the real reason to why we purchased a truck), Tug rides in the way back...leaving the cab of the truck hair free. YIPEEEEE! Not to mention that he LOVES the wind blowing in his face.

Also this past weekend we joined up with our friends, the Lilyquists & Klcs on a beautiful hike up at Snowbaisin. We took the tram up to the top and hiked around for a few hours and then ate lunch on the patio while listening to some great music. We've all decided that we would like to own some land up that direction some day. The view and valley was beautiful and I wouldn't mind living there some day :)

Staring to show a bit in the tummy (and everywhere else too) :)

Last night Tim surprised me with an early b-day gift and took me to see Jack Johnson in concert at USANA. I've seen him a few times before and he never disappoints. My hubby is seriously the best and I'm always so amazed with his attention to detail. I think I may have said that Jack Johnson was coming in concert like 4 months ago and this whole time he remembered. He's the best! Sadly we have no pictures (other than what's on my cell phone), so this picture of him will have to suffice. :)


kendall said...

Congrats on your little one on the way. I noticed that you did a tri earlier this year and wondered if you had any tips? I signed up for my first one on Sept. 27 and might die :)

Erika Hanks said...

You are not showing at all...just wait! Great new truck and might I add how impressed I am that you have the energy to hike!?!!! WOW

Sim Kam said...

Oh My Gosh! Wow, two new cars in one year! That's awesome. I love your story telling Kirst! Thanks for making me laugh. You look so cute preggers!

Bianca said...

Definitely cute preggers! and Jack Johnson... *drool* Happy upcoming birthday :D (I don't actually know when your birthday is...so I figured this is the closest I'm going to get)

Mrs. Warren said...

omg look at your tummy!!!! i can't wait to talk to the little babe... so do you know if it's miles or miley? can't wait to see you kirsty-bunz. p.s. luke wants to tell tim something inappropriate about the pregnant woman's anatomy. i'll have to email you though because it might not be blog friendly. p.s. i just started my blog on friday! check 'er out!