Friday, September 19, 2008

Evening Boating (no judgements please)

The Lilyquists invited us to go boating at Deer Creek one of these past evenings. Tim and I had never been wake surfing before and after much deliberation on whether it's safe or not for me to do it, we derived that it was (and truly it is--when you fall you basically sink into the water). The only problem was finding a life jacket that fit over my 22 week pregnant belly.

One of Tim's first attempts. He was a natural.
Tim and Mike rocking the tube. This picture was taken right before Mike was elbowed in the eye and flung off.
Mindy and Jack. Jack had is turn on the tube with his daddy and he looked less than thrilled to be out there. In fact I think he was more fascinated with the surrounding area than being on the water.

I was finally able to get my groove on and surf the wake after a few tries. We've decided that a boat most definitely will be in our future.


Erika Hanks said...

We love boating too!!! You are pretty brave to go do doctor is pretty cautious and told me no water sports, so I didn't do anything this summer! Can't wait for next summer!

Josie said...

Way to go Kirst! Your baby is gonna come out hangin' ten!! We can't wait to meet him - Whenever I see cute baby boy things we're thinkin' of you and that little cutie pie!

Josie said...

PS: About endangering your baby - don't feel too bad. When I was 7 months pregnant we went to Hawaii and I went surfing. I would sit on my bum and paddle instead of laying down. Being pregnant sometimes makes you feel like a prisoner in your own body, you still gotta have fun!

Erika Hanks said...

By the way, I think you should post a belly picture! I am dying to see your little bump! I tried to see a bump in your surfing picture, but you look as flat as a pancake! Once we both have our baby boys, we will have to come to SLC and all go boating, that would be really fun!!! I am jealous you went boating.

Tiffany and Colin's spot said...

Excellent! I actually was wake surfing too this summer. Though I did crash once and managed to hit my belly just right that it hurt for the rest of the day... Oh well, the baby is fine. Wake surfing is a riot (especially because you don't crash as fast or with as much force). Hurrah for you!

Amy & Wes said...

Looks like fun.
Nothing like getting that baby into water sports early.