Friday, February 6, 2009

More of Miles in the first week!

Hanging with Grandma

Helping daddy work--it's hard stuff!
Chilling with mommy on the couch after a fulfilling lunch
First family photo of five!  


jess said...

yeah miles!

LC said...

You guys look so cute - Kirst you are SERIOUSLY glowing!!! Beautiful mama!!

Teisha said...

LOVE, LOVE that Miles! Beautiful family!

grandma k. said...

Hi Kids!
Your tribute to Grandpop was darling. Thank you so much.
He was such a lovely man and I am so thankful to have been married to him for a few years.
Your new little son is very beautiful just like his parents.
Have a happy day! love, Grandmom K.

Adam and Cara Rigby said...

what a cutie!

Salt H2O said...

Such a cute cute family!

Corey said...

HOLY CRAP TUG IS HUGE!!!! Cute baby!