Friday, April 3, 2009

dos month appointa-mento!

Miles had his 2 month dr. appointment today and it's official, he's one small peanut, but Tim wants me to remind everyone that the doctors don't take the measurement of a babies true potential of manhood; if that were the case, he'd be off the charts!

So officially, Miles is:
10 lbs. 12 oz. (25 percentile)
22.5 inches long (30 percentile)


Sabrina said...

Tim is such a dork.

I didn't think Miles was that small. Oh well they all end up being the same size later. This just makes it even easier to carry him around.

Sabrina said...

Sorry had to comment again.

Logan's sitting in his high chair and saw Miles' picture and just started screaming, "baby, baby!" He loves those babies.

Jeri said...

Don't worry about what the percentiles say. Allie and Gabby were both only 8 pounds at their two months appointments. Allie is average size and little Gabby is, well, still little :-)

Adam and Cara Rigby said...

He is precious, plus he obviously has a mom who speaks AMAZING spanish. What a lucky kid ;)

BJ and Steph said...

I think Miles is just perfect the size that he is!!....Madilyn has always been small and she eats like a horse:)

Sam, Kim and E-Z said...

E-z was in the 25% and 50% for a long time and now look at him! But Tim probably should start worrying this early...j/k