Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Montage

While at the grocery store I spotted Tim weighing Miles on the fruit/veggie scale, dressing Miles in cabbage by giving him a hat with a loose cabbage leaf he found on the ground, and setting him on shelves (long enough to take a picture with his iphone before I came to the rescue) full of chips and popcorn bags. If you can't tell--Miles was thrilled about this. Did I say Tim was 30?!?

Chillin' like a villan at Costa Vida with "Camma" Fuller

A not so happy Miles with mommy and her new mom hairdo. This picture was most likely taken around 7:45 during his 30 minutes of nightly fussiness. However, we've stayed true to our routine and we're glad to say he's been consistent (thus far) with his sleeping. 8:30pm-'til 4:45am, then back down until 7:30am. We sure are lucky parents to have such a great little snoozer.

Lounging with Padre' on the couch during Sunday General Conference
Shooting the breeze in my new baby legs (Tim thinks these are hideous on boys, but I couldn't resist how freaking cute he looks in them--who cares if they're girly, right?)
Visiting my Grandma & Grandpa Vigil after my gramps had surgery. You can tell they are quite smitten with the little dude.
And lastly, I caught Miles grasping one of his toys. I'm sure it was an accident, but I of course had to document this moment with a bajillion photos.
In a couple of the photos I took he was staring right at the red ring, but they came out blurry-- bummer deal!

Ohhh...and if anyone wants a good laugh, call Tim's cell phone and listen to his v-mail message. All I can say is NERD ALERT!


BJ and Steph said...

Kirsten I LOVE the pictures, especially the one of Miles on the cereal shelf at the store!! I'm still cracking up over that! He is so CUTE!!

Mike and Mackenzie Day said...

I need to see more pics of the hair- it looks adorable!

Barnes Squad said...

Love the pics. He is such a doll. Woody hates when I dress the boys in any of those sort of clothes...but they are so comfy. He is a jean and t-shirt kind of guy. But can you honestly put your newborn in such uncomfy clothes while he can still get away with wearing sweatsuits outside.

Jeri said...

Love your hair- post more pics!

Teisha said...

Tim makes me laugh! Too cute!