Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meeting the Funcle!

That stands for the "fun" uncle, not the other "f" word--dirty minds! This past weekend uncle Stokes came into town for a skeleton race and he graced us with his presence at Logan's b-day partay and Miles got to meet him for the fist time.

Seeing Stokes made us miss him and his cute family even more than we already do. We know you practically live at a resort in Florida, but we sure do miss you guys in Utah. :(
P.S.--it snowed today!


MMB Peggy said...

Cute, cute pictures of Miles. It's
always fun for everyone when Uncle Stokes comes to town!!!

Teisha said...

I can't believe how big he is! Love that last pic of him! That is Stokes' favorite baby trick. I am so sad we are missing out on all the fun and snow! :( Miss you guys so much it hurts! Love ya!

Mrs. Warren said...

GERBER BABY!!!! he looks like a human giggle machine. i love him!