Sunday, January 17, 2010

Overdue Update!

Some of these pictures are way overdue, but since I have family out of Utah-- these are for them. Every Christmas isn't complete without a visit to Temple Square to see the lights and the Christus.
And every winter isn't complete without sledding.
Check out my sweet goggles.

Miles has become my sous chef in the kitchen. He hands me all of my refrigerator ingredients when asked (and when he's not asked also). Just love that kid's curls.He also makes a good dish washer!
World Cup Freestyle Skiing Championships up at Deer Valley with family and friends (1/16/10)
Sabrina and Tad (Minus Logan) graced us with their presence (and neon 80's puff jacket)
Cute Thompson Family joined us for dinner before the festivities-- always loads of fun with these folks!
A very tired (but warm) Miles.
Even this tired boy can ham it up for the camera. He was such a good kid-- he didn't fuss the entire night. He just watched the racers ski down the hill and occasionally gave his infamous "O" face. I think this kid might end up being a skier (as if he has a choice with our family) because he just loves the snow and going fast.


Erika Hanks said...

Those pictures look so familiar! Carson does the EXACT same thing-loves the fridge and loves the dishwasher!!! HOW CUTE is this age? Love it! Also, LOVE your blue cake to announce baby boy #2! Might have to steal that idea some day, if you don't mind!

Teisha said...

Thanks for the update! LOve LoVe the new pics! Kiss that baby for me!

Anonymous said...

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