Friday, September 10, 2010

Greetings from New Mexico

Where to start? These past two weeks have been full of activity. Some happy. Some sad. And some exciting. First off, we blessed Graham the Sunday before we left Utah. Tim's parents, so graciously, let us have the blessing gathering at their house after wards. They spruced the yard up with grass and a beautiful wood deck for the event. It was such a relaxing afternoon with family and friends and it kept my mind off of the events in which were going to occur the next day. The following morning the movers came and packed all of our stuff into boxes and loaded them into a 75 foot semi truck. Who knew we could fit almost 75 feet worth of stuff in our tiny town home?

That next week we were homeless and living out of boxes. We spent a good amount of time hanging out at the grandparent's houses and I'm pretty sure Miles had no problem with that.

Because we weren't busy enough, we scheduled Graham's 2nd month doctor's appointment and our assumptions of him being one big chunky dude were confirmed.

Weight: 13 lbs. (80-85 percentile)
Height: 24 inches (90 percentile)

In the mix of moving I forgot to take Graham's 2 month pictures with his elephant in the rocking chair, so this picture will have to do until we are able to recover our stuff animal goods from storage.
Saying goodbye to Utah was a bit tougher than expected. There were tears (from me) and sweat (from Tim because he was definitely working the hardest to make sure we got out of town on time). The boys did awesome in the car ride down. They were troopers, really. However, the binky has made many appearances in dire straits. Usually he gets his binky during nap and night times, but it has been a constant companion for Miles the past week. I think we are all looking forward to getting back into the routine of things.
Once we arrived, we began our search for a permanent place to live. After scouring the internet for months leading up to our move we got down here to discover that the houses I picked out would not work out due to location reasons. The last five days we have spent time driving around looking at a bajillion houses to buy or rent. It has been frustrating to say the least and for the time being we have decided to stay put where we are until we get a better idea of where we would like to be. The boys know no difference and seem to be adjusting quite well. Miles loves to swim in the pool and play with the many rocks (which there will never be a shortage of around these parts).

It's crazy how the smallest things can make you feel like you're at home again. I don't know why I thought New Mexico wouldn't have some of the same stores as Utah, but I did. Besides the obvious of missing family and friends we miss the following: (and if you figure out how to send some our way, please feel free to do so) :)

Concretes from Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Onion rings from Pace's Dairy Ann
Grass in large quantities
Cafe Rio salads
Parks/LDS chuches on just about every corner
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Knowing where everything is
Park City
Clean neighborhoods

But most of all (and I thought I would NEVER say this) we miss Tug! He is dearly missed here in New Mexico and we can't wait to be reunited with him (whenever that is).


Erika Hanks said...

Congrats on surviving the move! If you make it out to the Mesa area we have Neilson's concrete's and Cafe Rio! We can't be too far from each other...we will have to meet up someday. Good luck house hunting!

Dan and Laura said...

Oh I sure hope you guys can get settled where you want to be soon! Thanks heavens children ARE so flexible! :) Congrats on the baby blessing too!

Sara T. said...

So you don't actually know me I am Sara Thompson from the Thompsons that bought your beautiful home. Sorry I haven't been able to forward any mail we had a tragedy in our family the day we got the keys and had to leave town for NYC that night. But we will be back in Utah this week and I will make sure to get your mail delivered to where ever you guys want it.
I know this may seem kind of awkward but I felt I should say something since you guys are moving to New Mexico, land of enchantment. You see my mama is from New Mexico (she passed away last week unfortunately)She had an intense love for that state as do I with many fond memories of family adventures there. Know that you are blessed to move to a state that has a temple. And so many more wonderous adventures. I am sure you have heard them but I figured I would list a few that maybe your guys might enjoy.
1. Sandia mountains (drive the back roads up there and also on another time take the tram both are amazing)
2. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
3. Bandelier national park
4. The Native American Museum
5. Old town
6. High noon restaurant
7. Make sure to go on a hot air balloon ride!
8.Silver city a mining town
I could really go on forever.
I know it seems hard now because Utah has so much but New Mexico is an amazing place to explore with family. Cherish these moments and memories.

And sincerely, sincerely, thank you so much for everything you did for us with the house. We were in a bad situation and finding this incredible home was/is a huge blessing when we least expected it.

~ Sara T.

Sara T. said...

P.s. Who had the Bouncing Souls T-shirt on seriously cool points for that! Being from New Jersey I got huge Souls pride! My best friend even has a tattoo from one of there albums on her arm.

Salt H2O said...

Here's my big piece of advice on buying a place to live- wait. I know it really really stinks but it took us about 6 months to really figure out where we wanted to be in Dallas, and what a real value for a home is here.

You may not need the full 6 months, but take your time and makes sure it's in the right location for the right price.

Brent's dogs are still at his parents- we hope to have them back soon.

Good luck!!

Sabrina said...

Hey maybe I should be in NM. Most of these things you miss are things that would make me skinnier. Hee! Glad things are going good. I need to look at those photos again but I guess if they are on the CD I can edit what one if I liked it. My life has been just about as busy as yours has been. I'm back from Memphis but not expecting life to calm down till Friday. Can't wait till Friday.

Mike and Mackenzie Day said...

Wait... what happened to Tug? Did you guys leave him?

Kirsten said...

Kenze-- we left Tug behind with Tim's parents until we are able to find a bigger place for him. Consequently, we have been unsuccessful thus far finding a place and just signed a year lease for an apartment so most likely he'll be staying with them a bit longer than expected. :(

Meg said...

I started crying when I saw that you missed Tuggy bear. I am so glad to hear that. I love that doggy and wish so much that he could live with MEEE!!! ( 4 dogs at the house would be too much though!)