Wednesday, October 22, 2008

27 Weeks

YIKES! It's gone way too fast. I guess it's time to start thinking about buying a crib huh? Oh and by the way...I'm 5 lbs. too heavy for what I should be at this point. Most likely I'll be having a huge Fuller baby. Let's just pray it doesn't break the 10 lb. mark.

The First Snow!

I woke up a couple of Sundays ago to snow, broken trees (due to the snow) and a snow cake.

Not only was Tim outside helping our neighbors cut down broken limbs so they could get out of their driveways, but he had already made our annual traditional snow cake before I even awoke from my slumber.
And boy was it yummy. Doesn't that sight make you want to move back to Utah Teisha?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Year!

Happy Birthday Logan Bean! I can't believe you're already one! Yipes! Where did that year go?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary

I always tell you stories about what fun surprise he’s done for me this week, but this time I really want to reiterate how sweet of a husband I’ve married. Every morning he wakes up before the butt crack of dawn and he’s ever so careful to not awake me in my beauty slumber, by making sure to close doors softly and tip toe around our room in the dark. The other morning I realized what a sweetie he really is. It’s not that he changed his routine or anything, but I just finally noticed. After he’s gotten dressed, taken the dogs out to the bathroom, fed them, gathered together his computer and papers, he then proceeds to load everything up in his car (or bag if he’s taking the bus). He then backs my car out of the garage so I don’t have to squeeze in with my belly and hangs my keys on the front entry way mirror. All the while I’m cognizant of his every movement, but stay put in my nice warm, and bigger bed at this point. I spread out as soon as he awakes and take over his pillow and his side of the comforter. In a sense, I’m selfish and don’t think twice about him wanting to return to the bed and snuggle a little longer. So after he’s done his morning ritual and could leave at this point. He comes back inside the house, walks all the way upstairs and gives me a soft kiss on my forehead or cheek. This happens every morning and he’s not aware that I’m aware how cute he is. He probably thinks I have no idea that he even kisses me goodbye, but I’m here to say I do. And…I appreciate it! You’re the best Tim. Happy Anniversary.