Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sugar Cookies with my Sugar Babies...

This past Monday we made/decorated Sugar Cookies with the kidlets for FHE and WOW it was a mess!  Between the cookie dough stuck between Miles' toes and bright colored frosting under his nails and in his hair you would have thought he sludged around on the counter. Wait-- he did!  It's a good thing we devoured these cookies ourselves rather than deliver them to neighbors.  I'm not too sure it was all that sanitary. 
Miles is a pro at rolling and cutting dough.  Pro I tell ya!  So much of a pro that he didn't even need (or want) my help. :)
 Sweet little Graham also had fun cutting out some cookies.
And... our finished masterpieces, complete with delicious toe jam frosting and sprinkles galore!  This was a big mess, a lot of work, but well worth the memories.  Just this morning Miles asked if he could help make cookies again.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Balloon Fiesta & Thunderbirds Air Show

Balloon Fiesta
We've decided that Albuquerque is the place to live in the fall.  Best weather and festivals/events.  One might say we are beginning to become "enchanted" with this place.  This year we attended the balloon festival in the evening and watched the balloons inflate and glow in the dark.  We've now been in the morning and the evening and I must say the morning sessions are a bit more our style.  Less crowds.  Delicious breakfast burritos.  Freezing cold air.  AND you still get to see the balloon inflate, glow AND take-off.

Graham was in awe of the big balloons.  Last year he was only 3 months old when we attended this event so this was all so new to him.  And yes, that's a black eye-- tile floors are harsh and Graham is still very unstable on his feet. :(
Of course this balloon caught Miles' eye with all of the fishies coming off of the "ottopus".
Such a unique festival that people from all of the world come to witness and it's right in our backyard.  So lucky.
 United States Air Force Thunderbirds Airshow
On Sunday after church we made our way down to Kirtland Air Force to watch the Thunderbirds do their acrobatics show.
Our future pilot!  Miles LOVED LOVED LOVED the air show and walking around all of the grounded planes on display.  He was in heaven!
As long as this kid has food he's happy anywhere!
These pilots were amazing!  They were so precise and at one point Tim and I looked each other almost in tears and overwhelmed with patriotism.  We left feeling so proud to be an American and to live in this wonderful country that affords us such liberties.
These airmen put on a pretty nifty show and just about every acrobatic move was dedicated to either the soldiers lost at war or the families that support them while they are away.
 When the show ended we filed into a long line to wait for the shuttle buses and headed home in absolute awe over the weekend's events.  Such a perfect weekend with our little family!