Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big Boy Underpants

We have a ways to go to achieve potty training, but just over a month away from his 3rd birthday we're inching closer each day.  This particular day, M didn't want anything to do with his diaper and demanded he wear his alligator underwear.  Wish us luck as we enter the realm of hourly underpant washings!

Mormon Battalion Monument

While taking a spontaneous Sunday afternoon road trip we spotted a little sign on the side of the freeway for the "Mormon Battalion Monument".  We just had to stop by and take a look.  Tucked away at the end of a "no outlet" road in the middle of no man's land was this monument standing by itself.  For a little history on the monument go here and here.
Always time for some little love squeezes.
Apparently G had quite a lot to say about this monument.  I'm glad we stopped.  It was a bit of history I now know a little more about. 

Bugg Light Display

Last week we attended Albuquerque's Bugg Light display.  The light show was originally put on by an LDS family with the last name Bugg and it got so big they had to move the location to a near by private school.  The boys absolutely loved the wooden train set and the hot chocolate!
Graham was still not a fan of Santa the second time.
Best two Christmas gifts a mom could ask for-- my little cookie faced monsters!
There are not a lot of options for light displays in ABQ, but this small light display sufficed our little one's needs.  It was a fun evening, nonetheless.

Monday, December 12, 2011

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Miles didn't exactly ask for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, but he did surprise me with his calm demeanor as he sat on Santa's lap and attempted to tell him he wanted a new dinosaur.  Graham on the other hand, not so much.  I vaguely remember last year M having the break down and G sat there complacent.  I'm thinking next year will be the year both kidlets will sit there and we'll actually get a decent picture of the two of them smiling.  Until then, the screaming photographs are always a riot!
 Onto other stinkerish news-- Graham spent his first minute in time-out this past week.  This little bugger has a temper!  When he didn't get what he wanted he ran away from me and deliberate pulled on the Christmas tree and then made his way over to M and pulled his hair.  So into the time-out seat we went.  Looks like it's really bothering him, huh?
For the most part G is a pretty mellow kid, but phew watch out if you piss this one off...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Visitors!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in NM this year and the party came to us.  Tim's parents joined us for a full week and we crammed activity after activity in.  So  fun!  Wish they could have stayed longer.
 We ate Thanksgiving dinner while the kiddos were napping so they had their own little celebration after they awoke, complete with thanksgiving place mats and crayons.
 While "punk-eye" (grandpa) and "camma" (grandma) were here we did a lot of snuggling and reading on the couch...
 ...we visited an indoor bounce house...
...we ate lots of yummy homemade baked treats...
...continued on with daily life...
side note:  Graham was diagnosed with asthma about a month ago and consequently we have to give him steroid treatments via nebulizer twice a day.  He's starting to get used to it, but at first it was an all out war everytime we brought out the machine and medicine.
 ... took down our Thanksgiving decorations and put up our tree...
...and went on a beautiful hike up at Tent Rocks National Monument.
One week wasn't long enough, but we're glad they made the drive down to spend the holiday with us.  Miss you already-- see you in a few weeks!