Thursday, September 27, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

This past weekend, my mom and I flew down for a girls only "Celine Dion Farewell Extravaganza"! :) It was fun to spend the entire weekend shopping, and eating at awesome restaurants without any boys dragging us down.

Unfortunately, I had to check my camera at the door, so we have no pictures of Celine. However, her show was awesome and the dancers were amazing. If anyone is contemplating the trip down there it is definately worth it.

On Sunday morning we had a huge brunch at the Wynn hotel. After standing in line for almost an hour we then proceeded to stuff our faces for almost an hour. So yummy!

We then walked over to the Bellagio and walked through the conservatory. Right now, the room has a fall theme and different colored apples meticulously placed was amazingly beautiful.Our last night in Vegas, we decided that we needed to see Mystere by Cirque De Soleil in Treasure Island. I was not prepared for what we were walking into, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. Again, the dancers and performers were incredible. As we were standing in line to get into the theater we encountered this custom-made bike. You can't tell by this picture, by the woman's head was made from metal and her eyes lit up with a blue hue. I can only imagine how much this chopper would go for.
All in all, we had a great weekend and we have decided that it needs to be an annual event. Our next trip down to Vegas will be to see Bette Midler (she's taking Celine's spot in Caesar's Palace). Thanks for the fun trip mom.

Happy 50th Birthday Madre'

For my mother's 50th birthday Tim and I made headstones to observe such a wonderful day. We then proceeded to place them in her yard while she was away at church. On the headstones we decided it was fairly appropriate to pay tribute to all of the many pets that "ran away" or died under her care. I say "ran away" because my mother has been known to give our pets away when she was fed up with them and then she would either blame it on them for running away or "those horrible racoons must have got them again". My mother was also notorious for killing our neighbor's pets as well. One morning we awoke to a dreadful squeal. We all ran out to the garage to find our neighbor's cat, Chester, caught in our garage door. With that said, we decided it was time to pay our respects to Chester by making him his long awaited headstone. Anyway...we never had one animal in our home for longer than a period of year before they mysteriously disappeared. I've caught onto your "secrets" mom! We've got a look-out on your two dogs Penny & Allie--you can't pull the wool over our eyes this time. Happy Birthday and we love you :)


When we actually get around to brushing the poor pup we have numerous mats we have to pick out (this is all due to the many fun hikes he goes on--I don't need anyone calling the humane society claiming we are neglectful parents). :) Below is evidence of such a horrendous event. Shockingly, this picture doesn't do the brushing out massacre justice. When Tim can actually man handle Tug long enough to finish his entire body, we have almost 3 garbage bags full of newfie hair. We've contemplated weaving his hair into yarn and selling it on the internet for some extra money...hey, he's gotta earn his keep somehow. :)
In addition, I am embarrassed to say that Tug has never visited the vet for a grooming because we can't justify spending close to $100. The reason being, that within a couple of days he'll be right back to his snarly self. What to do? What to do?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Stewart Falls Hike

The Lilyquists invited us to hike with them up to Stewart Falls in Sundance Resort. The hike was beautiful and hot! Mike and Mindy brought their adorable son (Jack) on this hike and did so well. I didn't hear him squeak once--he's such a trooper.

All that hiking works up an appetite

Jack playing in the water with his daddy. Uh oh Mindy... if Jack's love of the water continues you may have to worry about him getting addicted to kayaking just like his dad. :) Before you know it he'll be strapped inside a 2 foot long kayak before he can even walk.

International Sheep Herding Championships (we're total nerds)

Okay so I'm self proclaiming that we're nerds! How many people do you know get excited about attending the International Sheep Herding Championships? Not many I'm sure! However, we did and it was a blast. I know it probably sounds completely boring, but it was fascinating. The dog handlers would let their border collies loose and then blow on a high pitched whistle to give commands. Then the dogs would round up approximately 5 sheep and take them through an obstacle course. It was amazing!

As you can see not many people turned out at the event. The bleachers behind us were empty. We really are nerds--the majority of people that did attend were very much in their elderly years. :)

One more half

This past weekend me and Meg did the Emigration Canyon half marathon. With barely any training we finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes. However, this half marathon was brutal! The first 4.5 miles was strictly uphill and we both went into the race thinking that the uphill beginning would be only 2 miles. So despite the sucky start and the minimal water stops that was provided (of which one of the water stops tasted like gasoline) we felt awesome. This event may have to be a family ritual...Before the race!
Happy at the finish line!

Lazy Days...

I'm basically posting these pictures to prove that our dogs are chill. Everyone that meets our dogs thinks we're crazy to have two in our small townhome. We try to tell them that when people are not visiting our dogs lay around the home and are quite lazy. Below is some evidence of our very lackadaisicle pups.

More Visitors!

Last weekend my good friend (Lisa) and her cutie patootie daughter (Lucy) came to stay with us. This picture of Lucy doesn't do her justice. She was such a calm mellow babe! If I could be reassured that we would have children half that good I would start popping them out right now! Sadly I don't have any pictures of our weekend's events (which consisted of scrapbooking up the wazzoooo).

Playing Hooky

The day of my birthday I decided to take off from work and hang with my mom and little sis (Kailee). We spent the whole day shopping at the outlet malls in Park City and doing the Alpine Slide and coaster. The Alpine Coaster is fairly new and I was a little leary about how much fun it would be, but surprisingly you go pretty fast. At one point I felt like the coaster was going to fly off the track...but alas I'm still here. :)
Woooaaah Mom! Slow down speedy gonzales

Visiting with Padre'

A few weeks ago my dad visited Utah. Together we hiked, hung out and cooked some mad food (yummy green chili sour cream chicken enchiladas).
I had to post a cute picture of two of my favorite boys.
Thanks for visiting Dad!