Monday, December 6, 2010

Bedtime Shenanigins!

To say that my two little hooligans love their bath time would be an understatement...

...that is, until the comb enters into the situation.

But after the trauma of brushing his hair wears off he could sit in the bath until the water is frigid cold and his fingertips are all pruned out.

Smarty pants. He knows if he puts the bowl on his head we can't comb his hair anymore.
This little chub loves to kick his legs and splash with his arms. I usually look as if I went for a dip myself after I'm done bathing them. Not to mention the floor outside of the tub resembles a swimming pool because of all the splashing.
There's nothing like the night time sillies that emerge from Miles after his bath.

He's a one man show and it's entertaining enough I think I could start charging a fee for those that want to watch.

After the silliness is all wiggled out of him we attempt to calm things down with a book and prayer.

Tired boy-- getting ready to go to bed.

But not until after a snuggle with his older brother.
Night times are a riot at our house-- but we wouldn't have it any other way.