Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sticks, Stones, and Dinosaur Bones...

... that's what little boys are made of!
These two nut balls are crazzzzzy about their dinosaurs!  Every animal "roaaaaar's" in my little Grahammy's mind.  Just LOVE them!
Graham has also become obsessed with his "Ga Ga" (Gus Gus).  He could play tug-of-war and catch all day with him.
On a different note-- my sweet little M is turning 3 tomorrow.  It's bitter-sweet, really.  I'm loving his language growth and being able to rationalize on a small level, but I'm hating how old he's beginning to look.  His curls are slowly disappearing and his baby fat is almost nonexistent.  His little hands and feet no longer have that adorable puffy fat covering them.  He doesn't like to snuggle anymore (not that he ever was a huge snuggler to begin with) and will find any reason to wiggle out of my hugs.  At times he can be quite the pest to his little brother, but then I catch glimpses of him enjoying Graham's company by forcing him to follow him around the house and play with him.  I constantly hear, "come on Gammy, this way... hurry up!"  It saddens me to think I only have a few more years of him at home before I ship him off to school.  Before I know it he'll be asking to use my car-- hopefully still wanting Graham to follow him along where ever he goes.  Oh I could reminisce all day.... (sigh).
If I had one bit of advice to give you (Miles) as you grow up it is to NEVER lose your spunk and energy for living.  I love that about you!  Happy Birthday Miles!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just because...

Some days I look at my kids and almost cry with gratitude.  Seriously, these faces are my world and I'm not sure why I am so blessed to be their mommy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Zoo & Flu

The Zoo!
Hogle zoo had a free-for-all day and we took advantage of it.  Of course the grandmas and Kailee joined us again and were we ever grateful they did.  It was super busy so the extra hands sure did help out.
 The Flu!
Naturally just when we're having fun we all get hit by the flu!  However, this flu came with the works.  It put our little family down for a few days.  We missed scheduled play dates, ski days and dinners with friends. :(
Miles sure did take advantage of his opportunity to drink "bubble juice" (sprite).  We really only let him drink it when he's not feeling well so he was loving this little special treat.  The flu doesn't look any cuter than this picture above, does it?  Well, that about wraps up our trip to Utah.  We hope to be back in the summer some time. :)

Snow, Turkey Chili, and Chocolate Cookies... oh my!

Although there was no skiing this particular day we made a special visit to Deer Valley to take in their scenery, turkey chili, and monster chocolate cookies.  There is no other resort that compares to this place.  We sure do miss it.
 After lunch we sent the boys home for a nap and us ladies did some shopping. Boy do I miss this place!  The food.  The snow. The groomed runs.  The free ski passes.  The fun memories.  I miss it all.

It's a Fuller Christmas!

Always a blast with the Fuller clan.  We enjoyed the evening with a little nativity story, complete with handmade puppets via Grandma Fuller.  We also devoured way too much food, but tis the season, right?
 What's a party without some naked cousin play-time?
Nothing better than some snuggle time with Grandma.  We just love and adore this lady!  Seriously, how did I get so lucky to have the world's best in-laws?

Christmas Eve & Morn

On Christmas eve we headed up to Ogden to spend some time with my grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins.  Such a fun night filled with family, food and laughter.  Oh and gifts too...
 My mom was even able to join us this year-- such a fun time!
Just a quick little hug on the stairs before the mad dash to check out what Santa has left behind.
Boy does that Santa know our little ones well.  Miles immediately went for the unwrapped dinosaurs left under the tree, while Graham went for the ride-on toy.
Ahhh success!  Kids were happy with their toys and momma was happy with her new scarf!

Temple Square Lights

What's Christmas without family and a trip to see the Temple Square lights?  While in Utah over the holidays we took trax up to see the lights and boy did the boys LOVE that!
The visitor center was bustling with activity.  We listened to the beautiful choirs sing as we waited in an enormous line to go upstairs to view the statue of Christ.  Well worth the wait, if you ask me.

 Although it was freezing cold outside it was fun night. There was nothing more enjoyable than watching my kids' eyes light up while we were walking around.