Tuesday, July 26, 2011

June Catch Up BEWARE!

Before we left for Utah, my dad visited us in NM.  Although my dad has asked me to not post anymore pictures of him on my blog for privacy reasons I still wanted to document his coming down to New Mexico.  This blog is primarily for family members and friends at afar to peak in on us from time to time, but I also plan on printing my blog into a book each year so I want these fun events documented for my own sake.
Anyway, while Grandpa Vigil visited we took it easy.  We played in our playroom, went on a quick hike, but quickly realized the smoke from the Arizona fires was so thick we turned back before we inhaled too much.  We also visited the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History and our favorite  nearby park.
PARK CITY STAY-CATION! (June 12th-19th)
When we arrived in Utah we had a little "stay-cation" up in Park City at my mom's condo.  Our time up there was packed with activity.  However, some of it bad. Between multiple visits to pediatricians in Bountiful and emergency room visits at Primary Children's Hospital the first part of the week was blown.  Graham had come down with some sort of virus that gave him a fever, made him vomit bile, was extremely lethargic and pale with blue-ish tinted lips, as well as not sleeping, coughing, runny nose and the works.  I wouldn't have normally been concerned with a common cold, but this was not just that.  I could tell he didn't feel well and was dehydrated so into the pediatrician we went.  We were directed to take him to Primary's ER and by the time we arrived he had made a complete 180 in his behavior.  I kept telling the doctors and nurses had he been behaving like this we wouldn't have brought him in.  So... they  told us to keep our eyes on him and to bring him back if he continued and homeward bound we were.  The next day was fine--I could tell he still didn't feel great, but he was doing better.  The day after that it was back to the same old yucky behavior, but this time it was worse.  Back into see the doctors we went and they told us to  put him on pedialite and monitor him.  
After Grahams yucky illness passed we were able to visit the outlet malls, swim, take walks to the local park, visit the Farmer's Market and my old work's Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway Mall.
Early Monday morning I called my grandma and alas she was available so we headed up to Ogden to spend the day with her.  She took us to the Treehouse Children's Museum and we met up with some of our dearest friends that live up that way.  Such a relaxing and enjoyable day we had.  However, I wish the Treehouse Museum had an entrance fee that charged you by the room you visit.  If so, we would paid the train room and that's it!
I wish these pictures weren't blurry-- darn iphone.
This year we celebrated Father's day minus our daddy because he had to fly back to Albuquerque to work.  As sad as we were to celebrate this daddy day without our daddy, Tim's absence was replaced with many family members, good food and Nate's ever growing MOHAWK!
WHEELER FARM (June 22nd)
The boys and I met Aunt Meggy at Wheeler Farm for a morning of feeding the ducks, tractor rides and mooing at the cows.
These boys couldn't love their aunty anymore than they do-- they just ADORE her!  And quite frankly SO DO I!
We met up with some of my friends and of course Meggy once again came along (she a gnarly bike crash while we were in town so she was laid up for a few days-- hence the bandage).  Miles enjoyed the slide and jumping off the side of the pool into the deep end.  He's a natural born swimmer and at one point he pointed to the diving board and said, "I want to jump".  Once on the diving board he changed his mind decided to stick with his pool side jumping.
HOGLE ZOO (June 25th)
I thought it was a great idea to take the boys to Hogle Zoo because they were celebrating a ZOORASSIC month, full with almost life sized, moving, growling and water spitting dinosaur replicas.  However, the following pictures are the best we could manage.  While fascinated with the dinosaurs at a far, he wouldn't go near them and had a concerned and terrified look on his face until we left.
Look at the terror on that face!
SWIMMING (June 25th)
No pictures of this day download yet,but I will eventually upload them.
Grandma Fuller was able to take off a day from work so we decided to make the most of it at Discovery Gateway.  We spent about 80% of the time at the ball contraption and about 20% running through the rest of the museum.
My two boys LOVE playing with balls and water.  If I let them take baths with balls all day long I think they would be in Heaven.
Grandma Wade was also able to take off a day of work to come with us to This is the Place.  I hadn't been there in awhile, but boy have they expanded.  So fun!  We rode the train trolley around the park, stopping off at certain check points to play.
One of the stops we HAD to make was to the little kiddie train ride.  Such a big boy-- he rode by himself on this train 3 times around the little pond.  We could have left him there all day and he would have been satisfied.
Thanks to Sabrina for the suggestion, we fit in one last train activity.  S&S Railroad is a family owned business and is only opened once a month for riding.  Both grandmas were able to join us this day, although we only have pictures of my mom.  The trains were miniature replicas and followed the most elaborate tracks.
One of our last nights in town we spent with our friends the Klc's at the Eaglewood Fireworks display.  We ate delicious bbq sandwiches, used our glowsticks as weapons and passed out on the blanket while watching the fireworks above.  Such a fun and relaxing night.  Nights like this make us want to move back to Utah asap.
Also done, but not pictured on this trip back to Utah: lunch dates, play dates with friends, visits to my old work (Utah Foster Care Foundation), multiple trips to Cafe Rio, and date nights with my hubs (because we had babysitters-- FINALLY).
However, we weren't the only ones keeping busy.  Tim had quite the honey do list that he completed back in ABQ.  When we returned home he had baby-proofed our kitchen with cabinet locks and gates galore.  He also cleaned out our garage and transformed it into a mini gym.  So there you have it-- our month of June caught up!  Phew!  I'm tired just typing everything we did.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Graham

Graham's birthday was on the 1st of July and we celebrated in Utah with family and friends.

It was such a beautiful day.  Nice company and delicious food.
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More pictures of our time in Utah are to come.  We stayed VERY busy...  ;)