Friday, February 25, 2011

Skier Cross World Championships

Deer Valley hosted the skier cross race and we popped in for a couple of hours to watch.
I miss watching Tim race in skier cross. During the race he leaned over and told me he placed higher than a bunch of the racers that were in the top eight. Part of me wishes he still raced this category-- so fun to watch the men fight their way down the hill against 3 other skiers.

The Pegster joined us for the day and helped me with the kids when it began to get too cold, so Tim could stay up there and watch the race a bit longer. Always a joy to be with Tim's mom. :)

Angel Fire Ski Race

Sandia National Labs (SNL) has their own ski racing team and guess who has joined? Despite the fact that he hasn't raced or trained in over 9 years I think 4th place ain't too bad.

Although the kids won't have much memory of these days watching daddy race, and mommy and daddy are exhausted with the added work it takes to get everyone out of the door on time to make the 3 1/2 hour trip up to the resort, I think it will be worth it one day to look back at the pictures.
Cutest fan club I've ever seen.
It was also Graham's first day skiing in the back pack. We only made it down one run before the kids melted into utter chaos, but we hope next year's skiing to driving ratio is better balanced. Here's to skiing getting better as the kids get older!

Cutting the curls! boo hoo hoo

The time came and the pressure was insurmountable... was a love hate relationship. I LOVED how they looked. I HATED maintaining them, because it was a scream fest after every tubby...
...his curls were the cause of many conversations with strangers calling him a little girl... into the salon we went...
...with only a few outbursts of disapproval on his part, I'd say he did rather well. I, on the other hand, needed to fight back my tears. All of those locks being cut were the the curls he was born with. The last bit of his baby-ness are now gone.
Graham missed the entire occasion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Miles' Birthday Party!

I love creating things, so planning and putting together this party was up my alley. If you want to see more pictures of the day's events you can go here.

Exciting news: catch my party contacted me and will be featuring Miles' party as their party of the day on February 10th. Go on over and check it out here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Letter

Dear Miles,

Two years ago today, I was laying in a hospital bed anxiously awaiting your arrival. I was already completely in love with you from the moment I learned you were coming. We prepared for months leading up to your arrival-- laundering all of your clothing, and folded them multiple times so they looked just right in their drawers.

After pushing for nearly four hours you finally arrived-- your first sign of being strong willed. After making your entrance into this world I remember staring at your perfect miniature features and analyzing your tiny toes and fingers. I held you, literally for days, astonished like every new mother at your perfect fingernails and soft round kissable cheeks.

Over the last two years you've quickly changed. It's been my biggest delight to witness your cognitive, spiritual and physical growth. You have a TON of energy and at times I find it hard to keep up, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Your sense of adventure has been present from the start. Even before you could walk you were climbing on everything. You have a need for speed and at the ripe age of 11 months you would whip your radio flyer trike around corners like you were in some sort of nascar race. You even rode your trike down the stairs once and after the initial shock of what happened wore off you signed the word "more" and headed in the direction of the stairway again. These past couple of months have been full of adventure for you as you learn to ski, ride your balance bike and skateboard. I can only imagine as you become more coordinated what your future holds for you.

You drive me crazy at times. You are the pickiest eater and will only eat chicken nuggets, french fries, pasta lightly coated in marinera sauce and cheetos. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I feel like I play the guessing game everyday, three times a day, with what you'll eat that day. However, if eating is my biggest concern with you then consider me blessed. I couldn't be more thankful that you are healthy, thriving, smart, kind, energetic, strong willed and even a picky eater.

You are the sweetest big brother to Graham. I witness simple acts of kindness daily from you towards him. When Graham cries you come to me with a concerned face and say, "oh Gam sad" and then you quickly rush to give him a binky. Through out the day you stop what you're doing, go over to Graham, lean down to him and say hello with a big kiss. Such a sweet boy you are and a great example of pure love.

Your curls! They are the talk of the town. Everyone LOVES your head of hair, which has made it hard to cut, thus the long locks and the frequent comments about you being a girl. Eventually the day will come when I cut them and you will instantly look like a teenager. But, until then I'm holding onto what baby-ness you have left.

You've changed our life in no way we've ever thought possible. I find joy in every word, action and even misdeed you do. You have given a much more meaningful definition to our lives and I thank our Heavenly Father every day that you are mine.

Happy 2nd birthday monkey!