Monday, December 31, 2007

Gross, Disgusting, and Remarkable!

When I was younger I enjoyed doing normal little boy things - spitting, farting, burping...  Unfortunately, my younger and (at the time) more mature sister Teisha (shown shredding on the wake skate below) would usually be the butt of my disgustingness.  One day, after a particularly offensive outburst from me (I can't remember what it was), Teisha, wanting to sound as mature as possible, yelled this stern reprimand:

"That was gross, disgusting, and REMARKABLE!"

She had no idea what remarkable meant, but she sure sounded mature and adult like!  

And so was born one of the most cherished phrases in the Fuller family.  Despite Teisha's creative use of the English language she is the best little sister a guy could ask her and I love her to death!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This year we really procrastinated on our x-mas cards and we just sent them out on Friday. Alas, they are on there ways. I hope everyone has or had a great Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and/or Happy News Years. And we hope your year has been as good as ours.
Tim, Kirst, Gus & Tug

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Worst Week Ever

Inspired by my good friend Tiffany's post about her lost dogs, I thought I would recall a funny story/depressing story about a man that tried stealing my beloved Willy:

BEWARE: this story is long - but quite funny.

ABSTRACT: Many of you know Willy - the greatest Keeshond in the world - you may not know, however, that he was once abducted from our family for a week. Those who do know, it is still a good story.

Willy is a bonafide work dog. He has spent more days on construction sites than me. Actually, that is not true. He typically spends the mornings on the site and the afternoons wondering the neighborhood in which we are working. Anyway, each afternoon we would typically find Willy hanging out in some puddle of water, somewhere. One afternoon, however, Willy was no where to be found. Hours of searching turned up nothing. I went home depressed and dogless. The next day yielded the same result. Three days after he went missing, Nathan, Kirsten, and I canvased the neighborhood, stapling fliers to every door and every jobsite we encountered. Then, the next day... NOTHING! But finally, after almost a full week I got a call from a man that told me that one of this crew members had Willy. Later that day the guy who had him, named Cesar, called me. The next few events that unfolded were crazy, to say the least.

We arranged to meet Cesar at his house that night. Later he called and informed me he wouldn't be home. No problem, I thought, he could just bring Willy to the jobsite the next day. Nope, no dogs allowed in his car. So, we arranged to go meet him the next night at his apartment. We got his address and drove to meet him. When we got there we called to make the swap and he didn't answer his phone! Five calls later and nothing. Finally, I called a friend who called from his phone and Cesar finally answered. At last, we arranged to meet Cesar.

Five minutes later, Cesar came out to meet us with Willy's collar in his hand. He told us that dogs were not allowed in his apartment complex (lie) and that Willy was at his friends house. He couldn't tell us his friend's address, but he could tell us how to get there. However he didn't know any street names, so we very hesitantly offered him a ride (but not before Kirsten frisked him down and made him turn his pant pockets inside out to prove he had to weapons). Our dear beloved Cesar had taken Willy's collar off because he thought he didn't like it! So we go to his friends to finally get Willy back. But guess what??? The gate was open and Willy was no where to be found. Depressed, we called the police to try to scare him into "finding" him. No dice. At one point in the phone call the police asked them to give their names and Cesar asked his friend in spanish what name they should give (little did they know that Tim could understand every word they said).

Anyway, we went home that night completely demoralized. Meanwhile, Cesar promised us that he would not sleep, eat, drink, etc. until he found Willy (comforting huh?).

The next morning we woke up early to catch the bastards by surprise. We drove straight to Cesar's friends house to grab Willy while they slept. Unfortunately, Willy was still not there. We proceeded straight to the nearest animal shelter. We saw so many cute dogs that needed a home - but no Willy. The morning was slowly coming to a close and Nathan had to go to work. We decided to go try Cesar's friend house one more time. It had to be the most depressing morning ever.

As we pulled up the street, much to our surprise, we saw Willy hanging out in the front yard! We opened the car door, called Willy into the car and got the hell out of there! We called Cesar to ask if he had found Willy yet, he told us that he was out in the neighborhood just searching his little heart out (with the T.V. in the background). We never told him that we found, perhaps he is still out looking for him!

So concluded the worst week ever. (posted by Tim)

Underwear War!

Sometimes Kailee and Tim will get into these little hyper moods. Usually it results with paint all over faces, swirlys in the toilet, or cat and mouse chases all over the house. This time, however, I found them like this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We got a new car!

Although we have been talking about getting a new car for almost two years now, this car was a rather quick buy. As many of you know we just put almost $6,000 into my subaru last year when the engine blew going up Parley's Canyon. Well, on Saturday after a nice relaxing day of skiing up at Deer Valley we were coming DOWN Parley's Canyon and my transmission decided that it was kaput! So we immediately pulled into the REI parking lot and contemplated on what to do--do we drive on it any longer, do we have it towed, do we leave it put and have someone pick us up, do we drive up into the mountains and push it off a very tall cliff? These were all thoughts that were going through our heads. Needless to say, we opted to drive to the nearest car dealership and turn that sucker in and get a new vehicle. Now, we had thought about buying a Nissan Rogue, but we had also thought about buying a Hyundai Veracruz, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and a Honda CR-V. However, the closest dealership was a Nissan and we pulled in and set our eyes apon the Rogue. You are probably thinking--that was rather impulsive? AND, I would answer "yes" to a certain degree. We needed a new car bad and the subaru was on it's last leg. Had we decided to fix the transmission we would have had to put more money into fixing it than it was worth. Anywho, we now have a brand new car and Tim is in love with all of the nifty high tech options.

Addendum: If you look real close you can see little Gussy gazing out the driver's side window :)