Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update! Update! Read all about it

Miles has hit some new milestones! We've tried rice cereal a few times and consequently he did not like it at all. He made all sorts of sour faces and spit most of it out.
However, he still thought that sitting in his new high chair was pretty cool stuff
I look at the picture below and I could just cry. That little face has brought so much joy into our lives and I can not believe he's already 5 months old.

Miles making all sorts of noises

This kid rolls EVERYWHERE! I put him down on one side of the room and before I know it he's moved all the way over to the other end.

Miles loves his Gussy and his grandma

Monday, June 15, 2009

He's Back!

After battling that darn cold for almost two weeks, our little fellow has finally returned to us and is smiley as ever.
Still not tall enough to stand in this contraption alone, but if we use one of daddy's text books it becomes possible.

*please excuse the poor quality on the photos. They were taken with Tim's iphone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Come back to us smiley boy!

Miles got his first cold this last week and talk about change in personality! We'd usually find him jabbering, giggling, squirming, and grabbing everything in sight...

...but not this week!

Instead, he's lathargic, has a low-grade fever, whiney and is super tired (but can't sleep). Poor kid! Infant Tylenol, a cool mist humidifyer, and lots of loves are his best companions these days. Come back to us Miles...we want the old happy and smiley boy back. :(

Monday, June 8, 2009

Phone Pics @ 4 Months

Those chunky legs are an illusion--at his 4 month appointment he was only weighing in at a whopping 13.6 lbs (in the 19 percentile).
Sweetest face and sweetest boy ever!

Some of Miles' faves:
1. Getting loves from Gus
2. Pulling on Tugs long locks of fur
3. Looking at myself in the mirror
4. Rolling in both directions (stomach to back & back to stomach)
5. Giggling at silly daddy
6. Hiking with my puppies
7. Snuggling with mommy
8. Visiting my grandmas & aunts/uncles
9. Showing off my gummy smile.
10. BUT MOST OF ALL... receiving kisses from my Gussy! (he giggles like crazy when Gus kisses him and he follows him, with his eyes, everywhere he goes)

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Peanutty Peanutness

chillin' in my stroller
swaddled like saran wrap