Wednesday, September 24, 2008

23 Weeks

Not sure why I'm holding above my belly, but there you have it. I've had requests for pregnancy pictures and this is the best I can manage. Please ignore the hideous hairdo and awkward body position.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Evening Boating (no judgements please)

The Lilyquists invited us to go boating at Deer Creek one of these past evenings. Tim and I had never been wake surfing before and after much deliberation on whether it's safe or not for me to do it, we derived that it was (and truly it is--when you fall you basically sink into the water). The only problem was finding a life jacket that fit over my 22 week pregnant belly.

One of Tim's first attempts. He was a natural.
Tim and Mike rocking the tube. This picture was taken right before Mike was elbowed in the eye and flung off.
Mindy and Jack. Jack had is turn on the tube with his daddy and he looked less than thrilled to be out there. In fact I think he was more fascinated with the surrounding area than being on the water.

I was finally able to get my groove on and surf the wake after a few tries. We've decided that a boat most definitely will be in our future.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

100th Post

This post is a long one…bare with me. My friend did this for her 100th post and I thought I would copy because it was so fun to read. So here it goes…50 things about me, and 50 things about Tim most of you didn’t know. The good, the bad, and the ugly…


  1. In the 3rd grade I won the school spelling bee. That was after I refused to read for my 2nd grade teacher (I was a complete brat when my parents were getting divorced and refused to do anything for anyone) and was put into resource because of it.
  2. I was deathly terrified of dogs until I met Tim and his dog Willy. Now I can’t get enough of them. I suppose it was an inbred unnecessary fear.
  3. I didn’t kiss a boy until I was 16. I wanted to make sure I was sweet sixteen. Now I realize that has a different meaning (like who can have the biggest and most expensive birthday bash according to MTV).
  4. My first job was at Leatherby’s ice cream shop in Bountiful at the old five points mall.
  5. My junior year in H.S. I skipped school about once a week to go snowboarding. I don’t know how I managed to keep myself on the high honor roll.
  6. We eat cafe rio about once a week
  7. When I was 2 years old we lived in El Paso, TX (on the border of Texas and Mexico), while my dad was in his first year of medical school and someone broke into our house and almost got away with kidnapping me (my mom tells me that blonde hair, blue eyed girls were a hot commodity on the black market in Mexico, and she believes I would have been sold and never to be seen again).
  8. Tim and I both have chicken pox scars right next to our right eye in the EXACT same location.
  9. I hate raw tomatoes, except I’ll eat them in prepared dishes. I think this hatred was brought about from my padre. He used to grow tomatoes in his yard and he would force me to eat them when I was little. I’m scarred for life. He denies this fact, but it’s true. :)
  10. I weighed just over 5 lbs. when I born and was about a month early too.
  11. I love to fall asleep to the TV and Tim hates it.
  12. I also love to sleep completely submerged under the covers while the rest of the room is ice cold. Tim also hates this. Ironically enough I hate being cold and use my space heater at work in the summer (my heater is on me right now as I type this).
  13. Gus is my favorite dog ever! I know you’re not supposed to have favorite animals, but he definitely is mine. I promise I won’t be like that with my kids.
  14. I’m always making up my own words and butchering phrases. Tim is constantly teasing me about this and at one point he had a notebook he kept handy to jot down all of my funny sayings.
  15. I love my alone time and sometimes would prefer to sit at home cuddling with my puppies, watching a movie or reading than going out with friends (no offense friends, but I’m lazy sometimes)
  16. I used to be a competitive figure skater and stopped training seriously my senior year in H.S. when I lost my oomph and vigor.
  17. I played soccer on a team for about one month with my cousin, but quit because I hated the heat and running back and forth. I’m weird about my temperatures. I don’t like it too cold or too hot, but somehow managed to figure skate for years inside that ice box of a skating rink.
  18. I love good food and hate wasting calories on something “so so”
  19. One time I was trying to ride my bike while talking on the phone with this cute boy and somehow got spooked and slammed my front breaks on (because my other hand was busy holding the phone) and went head over the front handle bars.
  20. I’ve popped my shoulder out of place while ice skating
  21. I’ve popped my knee cap out of place while ice skating
  22. I’ve stabbed my ankle with my blade while ice skating
  23. I’ve gotten a concussion while ice skating
  24. One time I was chasing Meg (my sis) up a five story ladder play ground thingy when she was 3 years old and I stepped backwards and fell down 5 stories before landing on the sand below. I woke up some time later with blood on my forehead and required stitches. I actually don’t remember most of it because I think I lost some of my short term memory from it.
  25. It’s a family tradition to make homemade cinnamon rolls on general conference weekend. Then we pack them up and take them around to friends so we don’t eat them all ourselves.
  26. I almost got sucked into a drainage ditch when I was canoeing with my girlfriend, Erika. We were told to go left ALWAYS and so we did, right into the drainage canal ditch. :) What my husband doesn’t know (I guess he’ll know now) is that we really didn’t intend to go that far left but we were rather distracted because we canoed right under a low hanging tree and right through a spider web, so we weren’t really paying attention when our canoe flipped over to as which direction we were headed. :)
  27. I sluffed Sunday school with 2 friends once, to go do "swirlies" in the snow up by the "B." We got kiddie cones, (cuz they were FREE & we weren't breaking the Sabbath :) and headed up to the mountains. We ended up getting stuck, and had to get out and push the car out of the snow and mud in our Sunday attire. We were soaking wet when we went back just in time for Sacrament to start. Let's just say we decided to never ditch out on Sunday school again after that fiasco! (I stole this one from my friend because I couldn’t state it any better than she did)
  28. I always joke about this, but I’ll set the records straight….I’ve done the laundry no more than 5 times since we’ve been married. Tim is too good to me, either that or he knows he won’t have clean underwear if he doesn’t do it himself. I tell him all the time that as soon as I’m a stay at home mom I will take over that chore, but he doesn’t believe me :)
  29. I took kayaking lessons at the U so that Tim and I could do this sport together. The first time we went I was too scared and haven’t been since. However, I plan to push my fears and overcome them….some day.
  30. I memorized the entire song of “Gangster Paradise” with my friend Liz when we were 17 years old.
  31. I hate clothes. When I get home from work I immediately transfer over into comfy clothing.
  32. I was breech and my mom had a c-section with me.
  33. I got a nose job when I was 16 years old.
  34. I’m a carb-aholic…love breads and pastas…yum!
  35. Since I’ve been married I’ve gained approximately 25 lbs. Tim has gained about the same too, so it doesn’t make me feel all that bad. Plus…I’ve never been one to feel all that guilty about my weight anyways. I like food. What can I say?
  36. I scored higher on my ACT than Tim. Something I’m proud of because I now think that he’s definitely smarter than me.
  37. The first channel I flip to when I’m watching TV is the food network. Did I not say that I love food?
  38. I loved to watch Today’s Special, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Smurfs, Berenstein Bears, Care Bears, and the Goonies when I was a little tike. “C'mon chunk, you gotta do the truffle shuffle before we let you in”
  39. I was also OBSESSED with Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and Avonlea and watched EVERY episode religiously with my mom.
  40. I find so much joy in preparing my YW’s lessons. I search the net and think of ways to convey my message in creative ways and then I spend days executing my plans.
  41. I love doing crafts, but I hate displaying them in my home.
  42. I bought little boy clothing for a little boy that hadn’t even been conceived yet (almost 2 years ago). Luckily we’re having a boy and they’ll all get used. Furthermore, Tim’s mom started crocheting a little boy blanket before she even knew it was a boy too. I guess we all sort of just felt it was a little boy.
  43. I almost drown when I was 2 years old. I ran and jumped into our apartment pool without any floaties or parents nearby. My dad saw me and pulled me out by my hair.
  44. I used to love putting on shows for my family with all of my sibs. We would scheme all summer long and practice our little butts off. Then we would charge our parents to watch these hour long productions (of which we have video of and love to watch them when we’re all together)
  45. When I was 6 and Meghan was 2, I convinced her to take a poop outside behind the swing-set because I didn’t want to walk her up to our apartment to use the bathroom. I got in big time trouble for that one. Our babysitter grounded me from outside for a week and I remember sitting by the window watching all of my friends play (on my birthday nonetheless).
  46. Katarina Witt was my idol and I used to pretend to be her with my roller skates.
  47. When I was 7 years old I cried so hard when my mom gave away our ugly 70’s brown couch (it resembled something you would see on “That 70’s Show”). It reminded me of my dad and I wanted to keep it so bad, but it wouldn’t fit in the basement.
  48. I envy my little sister’s skin (Meg’s got the most perfect olive complexion that NEVER burns).
  49. I love my family more than life itself. I enjoy the time I get to spend with them.
  50. I love Tim more than anything in this world and can’t imagine my life without him.


  1. When Tim was on his mission, he saw another friend of his on a mission and they ditched their companions for the day and spent their P-day hanging out.
  2. Tim is super shy and has only kissed 4 girls (or at least that’s what he claims).
  3. Tim didn’t attend any of his high school dances. He was asked by girls to attend the dances and he always had an excuse to why he couldn’t go.
  4. Tim used to ski race (Downhill, Super G, Slalom, and Skier-cross). In fact he was invited to a world’s cup race in Australia right before we got married. Also…in one of his races, he placed above the previous year’s world’s cup champion.
  5. Tim’s first job was at McDonald’s at the age of 15. He always claims that he knows the restaurant business inside and out now because he’s had experience working for a fine dining international restaurant.
  6. He used to want to be a patent lawyer and studied his brains out for the LSAT and got a really good score and then applied to 3-4 different schools and didn’t get into one of them (was on the waiting lists, but nevertheless…). That’s when he realized that he didn’t want to do law, but rather be a professor in mechanical engineer. This all went down at the end of the summer 3 years ago and one week later he was enrolled and in his classes at the U. I swear he gets the rules bended for him all the time. All he has to do is bat his eyes and flash his charming smile and everyone LOVES him.
  7. Tim weighed over 10 lbs. when he was born (and his mother birthed him without any drugs---ouch!)
  8. When Tim couldn’t even walk yet he climbed up an 8 foot ladder and instead of getting him down immediately, his mother ran to get the camera. If I ever can get my mother-in-law to find her picture albums (hint hint Peggy) I will post these pictures.
  9. Tim is obsessed (and when I say obsessed I mean it) with MACS. He might as well go on a MAC conversion mission, because he could talk MACS all day long with anyone who will listen. He also loves those Mac/PC commercials…I will be upstairs and I can hear him giggling downstairs…it cracks me up.
  10. Tim is deathly afraid of snakes (and turtles) and screams like a little girl when he comes in contact with them. My family can vouch for this one too. :)
  11. Tim sings in the shower. He also likes to sing church hymns opera style and thinks it's funny to embarrass me with his over the top facial expressions while in sacrament.
  12. He gets really giddy sometimes over the funniest things and it’s fun to just stand back and watch him.
  13. He paces while he’s on the phone. As soon as his phone rings he’s up walking back and forth and it doesn’t even matter who he’s talking to. It appears to me every time that he’s on the phone that he’s speaking to the bishop or president or someone really important.
  14. He loves loves loves his calling in the YM’s and it fits him perfectly!
  15. It’s a family tradition to go skiing every Christmas day with the ENTIRE Fuller family.
  16. Tim was born in San Jose, California. He tells people that he is a native Californian, even though he only lived there for the first 6 months of his life.
  17. Tim loves to go back country skiing, leaving me behind at home to pull my hair out and bite my finger nails until I get the phone call that he’s safe back at his car.
  18. Tim loves punk rock music. We play this game with our XM satellite radio…I cover the radio screen and if he can’t tell me what band is playing than we change the station. Needless to say the station is permanently fixed on the punk station.
  19. He’s super protective of me, sometimes getting himself into trouble :) I won’t go into any details.
  20. He has worked at Deer Valley part time for 9 years. He would love to quit, but he’s established a relationship with a certain family and he enjoys skiing with them when they come into town. Not to mention we get free season passes.
  21. He’s addicted to coca cola classic and red bull
  22. Tim has had just about every hairdo possible (Mohawk, bi-hawk, buzzed, long—which required blow drying and straightening by his sister in high school, and the mullet)
  23. Tim is definitely a brunette, but claims to be blonde on his driver’s license. He claims that since he was born blonde that he’s always a blonde. He tried to personally dye his hair once and turned it orange.
  24. When he was 4 years old he was hit by a car. He was riding his big wheeler down his drive-way and spinning out in the street and a car came around the corner and hit him. He didn’t break any bones or anything…just got a concussion.
  25. Tim was almost born in the car. His parents stopped at a closer hospital just to see how things were progressing and his mom ended up having him minutes later.
  26. When he was born, his mom cried because he was so ugly :) Ok Ok so that’s not exactly true. At first glance she thought he didn’t have a skull and that his brains were exposed so that’s why she cried, but I think the first reason is better. He was so fat that he couldn’t even open his eyes.
  27. When Tim was 4 years old he convinced his older brother (about 7 years old) that he could fly because he was wearing a cape. His brother then proceeded to jump from a ledge. He has a way of talking people into doing things.
  28. When Tim was 4 years old he followed the family dog (because the dog was following his older sister) to the elementary school (which happened to be almost about a half mile away). No one really knew he was missing until the school called his home and said “you need to come pick up your dog and little Timmy as well.”
  29. Another funny event, when Tim was about 4 (seems like a good time in his life), he climbed to the top of a pretty tall tree to tie a rope swing (alone). When he was done Tad (his older bro) took the maiden voyage and the knot came undone. He flew down the hill and broke his arm. Who on earth trusts a 4 year old to tie a reliable knot?
  30. Tim takes the bus 80% of the time to school. He enjoys people watching and studying while commuting.
  31. Tim is extremely smart. He’s always got random people asking him for tutoring.
  32. He also knows weird factoids about EVERYTHING and he’s ALWAYS right. Yep! I said it…he’s always right! I’ll be the first to admit that while in a debate, 99% of the time he’s correct.
  33. He loves to watch nationwide news. Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC are his faves. He always says…”we got to keep up on what our enemies are thinking and saying.”
  34. Tim has never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld or anything related to Disney and he doesn’t ever have the desire to go either. I know that will change with kids.
  35. Tim loves the smell of cigarettes, but has never smoked one (and neither have I). Crazy kid.
  36. I do believe that Tim has never broken a bone (sprained some, but not broken). CORRECTION- Tim told me he once had a walking cast because of a small fracture in his foot, but I don’t think that really counts.
  37. However, he’s terrified of getting stitches and will go to great lengths to avoid getting them.
  38. Tim reads engineering text books for fun in his spare time.
  39. Tim likes to vacuum naked. One time I came home he was wearing a flame covered male thong he found at Smith’s Marketplace and he was whistling and vacuuming his little heart content. Funny kid. That was probably too much info.
  40. When Tim was a youngster he started his backyard (and other surrounding areas) on fire with his friend Amanda Butterfield (now a news anchor for KSL). Furthermore, he did it with a stolen lighter. What a punk.
  41. The only fist fight Tim has ever been in was with his best friend Ben when they were in the 9th grade. I’m not sure what it was over, but most likely it WASN’T a girl.
  42. Tim pooped his pants in the first grade and sat in the bathroom for an hour all embarrassed until someone came and got him.
  43. For mother’s day one year Tim saw a beautiful red necklace at the grocery store and thought “that would be pretty on mommy” so he took it without paying. He later gave it to his mom and she was suspicious to where he would get such a thing so she finally grilled him enough to find out it was stolen and made him return it. He was 4 years old.
  44. Tim told me that he loved me only after 27 days of dating me.
  45. Tim was still kind of dating another girl when we met. We hung out a few times and then he decided to break it off with her. Later that night he kissed me for the first time. He didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend.
  46. Tim is still considered to be the “Golden Child” in his family because he rarely got into trouble and he practically got to do anything he wanted in high school (or so his younger sister Teisha says).
  47. Tim says, “if our kids aren’t as cute as Gus & Tug we’re putting them back.”
  48. Tim used to be a vegetarian before he met me.
  49. Tim is a family man. He’s always talking about his niece and nephews. He adores every single one of them and quite frankly I do to.
  50. Tim is by far the best husband EVER! Anyone want to dispute this come see me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

You want him? You can have him...

I love this dog, but his hair is driving me up the wall, especially with a baby coming. We either need to find another home for him or move into another (and bigger) house with a yard. So that leaves me to my original want him?