Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Saturday

What is there to do when it's cold and rainy outside and the kids have colds?  Well... we stay put, fix needed repairs and stay in our pajamas ALL DAY LONG!
 Please take note that we have to put Miles' pjs on backwards because he likes to strip down to his nakedness and shred his diaper into a million pieces.  He has yet to figure out how to unzip himself from the back.  It's only a matter of time, though.
Sure do LOVE these three boys!  Although two of them are in needed of haircuts ASAP.  Can you guess which two I'm referring to?  ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cookie Monsters

These two little monsters sure do love their cookies.   So much in fact that we all have to sit, wait and watch while they bake.
 Who says a watched pot (or in this case cookies) won't boil/cook?!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Second half of October...

Tin Foil Dinners
Before the evenings got too chilly we booked it on up into the mountains with friends to have tin foil dinners and s'mores.
Miles enjoyed roasting his 'mallow.  Eating it on the other hand-- not so much.  He's such a silly kid and won't try ANYTHING new.
Our attempt at a family picture.  Miles is always SOOO cooperative, as you can see.
Building Forts
Our newest and favoritest game to play in the front room is to deconstruct the couch cushions and build forts/tents.  We could play this game for hours, I tell ya.  Build it and destroy it, that's the name of the game.
 Poor Graham!  He just wants in on the fun and Miles deliberately destroyed the fort so Graham couldn't get inside with him.  Such a stinker.
Ward Trunk or Treat
Cutest little Indian and cowboy I've ever seen!  This Indian costume was Tim's when he was about the same age.  I'm going to dig out the photo of Tim wearing it and when I do I'll share it with ya'll.
Sure wish this kid didn't mind taking photos.  I don't blame him though, it takes away from precious play time!
Bribery with a binky and blanket to sit still long enough always works!
We suck at dressing up.  My last resort for Halloween is always the same old Skunk ears we have laying around.  Lame, I know!
Miles ate more dum dums than he handed out!
Wagner Farm Experience 
Wagner Farms doesn't compare to Thanksgiving Point in Utah, but it was perfect for our little ones.  We spent the morning finding our way through the corn maze...
... taking a hay/tractor ride...
 ...picking out pumpkins to carve...
...playing on the many stationary tractors...
...petting all of the animals...
...sliding down very bumpy tubes...
...and playing in the dried corn box.  It was a perfect morning!
Carving Pumpkins
We of course had to carve our hand selected pumpkin.
"Yummmm... raw pumpkin sure tastes good"
 "Actually, it's kind of bitter... YUCK!"
"Tada!  I did it!"  That's what I hear ALL THE TIME.  It's usually followed by him saying, "good job Miles".  Silly kid.
 Can't carve pumpkins without eating some homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
 Neighborhood Trick or Treating
The dinosaur (it's actually a dragon, but whateve) and monkey costumes were rediscovered by Miles and there was no way I was going to get him back into the cowboy suit.
 It's beyond bizarre to see Graham in this monkey costume.  Miles was just 8 months old when he wore this and now my little Ham is wearing it!
 Trick or treating was fun this year.  Miles clearly understood that people were handing out candy and he would march up to the doors with a clear purpose to get his candy.  Holidays just get more fun by the year!