Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures taken by my cousin.  She did such an amazing job capturing my kids' personalities.  I'm having such a hard time choosing which ones to print and hang.  I love them all and these are just a few of the ones I adore. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Utah Visit-- Other Happenings...

Other happenings while in Utah--visits to urgent care to receive MORE breathing treatments.
 Then, the next day we ALMOST had to return for stitches.  Graham fell off of Aunt Nikki's deck into some prickly bushes.  Poor, but tough kiddo.
We also visited with Great-Gran Vigil and Great-Aunt Kimmy...
...and had a couple of friend play dates with the Thompsons and Brittany/Hadley...
...we snuggled with family on the couch while watching the Olympics...
....went to many BBQ's and family/friend dinners...
...spent A LOT of evenings over at Grandma & Grandpa Fuller's house swinging...
.... went swimming a few times...
...hiked up Muellar Park Trail...
...but mostly we soaked up as much time as we could with family.

 Also done, but not recorded with pictures:
-Watched Grandma Fuller sing in a special church choir
-Ate at many restaurants (Corner Bakery, Cafe Rio, Tepanyaki, Costa Vida, & Nielsen's Frozen Custard)
-Attended Bountiful & Salt Lake City Farmer's Market
-Shopped at the new City Creek Center mall
-Swam at the South Davis Rec Center and listened to the concert in the park
-Lunch dates with friends
-Dinner dates with friends
-AND...we had family pictures taken by my cousin (pictures to come soon)

Utah Visit-- Park City Alpine Slide & Baja Cantina

August 4th-- Our last night was spent in Park City alpine sliding and riding the kiddie airplane/train rides.
Is it possible to receive so much kisses/loves and snuggles that it can put one child into a daze?
Graham & our cousin Aidan
Huge smiles and giggles from the kiddos the entire way down the alpine slide.
Then, we ate at Baja Cantina and said our sad goodbyes. Boohoohoo :(

Utah Visit-- Hogle Zoo

July 30th-- Can't make a visit to Utah without visiting Hogle Zoo.  This time around we got to see all of the new bear and sea lion exhibits.  We met my girlfriend Amy and her two  boys as well as a bunch of family and hit the ground running.  I turned my head for one second and looked over to see Miles wading in a roped off water feature picking up all of the "monies".  He then brought me all of his scoured quarters and pennies and told me he wanted to buy an 'eletant' (elephant).  Ummm... we'll have to see about that buddy.  I'm not sure an elephant will fit inside of Tug's dog kennel for our car drive back.  Oh shucks!
The infamous gorilla size chart.  I'm going to have to pull out my kid zoo photos and compare sizes.
Now, that's one happy little boy!  I'm sure it was due to the fact that he was spoiled rotten with pizza, fun zoo juices, candy and toys while we were there.

Utah Visit-- Big Ol' Family/Friend BBQ

July 29th-- Before Grandma Fuller and Addy left for pole vaulting camp in California we threw a big BBQ.  Who was invited?  Everyone!
Will these two just get engaged already!?!
Don't mind Grandpa Bill and the cilantro stuck in his teeth.  Hee!
This is probably my FAVORITE picture of our entire time in Utah.  I love the absolute joy on my kids' faces.
 After we stuffed our faces full I wanted to curl up next to this little cutie and take a nap myself!