Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day, Fathers & Sons Camp-Out and other shenanagins!

My Mother's Day started off kind of hectic with a early morning phone call asking if I could teach the R.S. lesson that day.  Sure, why not?  After church we had a little BBQ with friends and celebrated with this homemade banner and delicious cupcakes.

Miles and Tim went on their first ever fathers and sons camp-out this past weekend.  Miles came home looking like he had cleaned a dozen chimneys and was limping for a few days.  Fun was had.  Ankles were sprained.  Everyone came home exhausted!
The day following the camp-out we stayed home and took it easy.  While away for those couple of days Miles missed his dinosaur shows (Land Before Time and Dinosaur Train-- he's OBSESSED!), so he had to get caught up.
Although Graham stayed home with mommy while Miles and daddy were away, he apparently needed to catch up on some needed napping.  I was returning an email to a friend and looked below to find this.  Tired kid!
Miles' other obsessions this week include:  cheetohs, saying "no hitting Graham" (while shaking his finger at me...hmmm he must hear that a lot), and did I mention DINOSAURS?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meg Peg Leg Visits!

It took a little warming up to Aunty Meg Peg Leg, but after the initial fear wore off this kid was HAMMING IT UP. I find it extremely appropriate with his name being GraHAM!
HAM LOVES to do the downward dog by himself and he just had to show it off to his Aunty.
Pull out a camera and he pulls out this face...
...or more of these.

We didn't waste anytime with Aunty Meg. We went straight to the park!

Then the next day we ran around doing mothers errands, but not before jumping around at this fun indoor blow-up slide and jump house.

Everyone got in on the fun.

Not only does HAM like to do yoga, but he also likes to do gymnastics with his backbends.
Then, of course, we had to take Meggy on a BEAUTIFUL hike up on the ridge of the Sandia Mountains. The drive up there was brutal with all of the twists and turns. Meg got a little car sick. The boys were screaming. I was annoyed. That part was NOT fun, but the actual hike had beautiful views and the temperature was perfect. We even discovered a little bit of left over snow.

It was a short little visit. Too short, really, but we'll take anything we get with our Aunty Meg Peg Leg. We just love having her around and can't wait for our next visitors in a few weeks-- Teisha, Addy & Aidan! :)

I realize this post has NO pictures of Tim in it. He was at work most of the time! :(

Monday, May 2, 2011

Climbing, climbing, climbing and SNOW

Since Miles has been climbing on EVERYTHING these days (I mean everything-- counters, desks, tables, window seals, bookshelves...etc.) we decided to take him outside to climb on rocks. This was his first time out climbing and we weren't sure what to think. He was a little unsure at first, but then decided he LOVED it and didn't want to leave. Like father, like son!
Tim did some poking around on the internet for some easy hikes/climbs for kids and came across this small boulder field. It was PERFECT!
You can see a little fear in his eyes, but that quickly vanished.
He was climbing so fast I could hardly keep up.
Then on Saturday we took the boys to the Balloon Festival Museum. Miles ran around pointing and screaming at every hot air balloon in the vicinity before we headed out to the grounds where they were having a kid's festival with activities galore. Miles again climbed up all of the big toys by himself, but once at the top of this slide he didn't want to come down. We had to talk a little girl into PUSHING him down the slide because he was holding up the line.
On Sunday, after church, we hunkered down in our house because it was a bit chilly outside. What we didn't know was that it was about to SNOW!
Proof that he climbs everything.
The boys were enamored by the falling snowflakes and sat by the window for almost an hour. Miles kept calling them, "bubbles."
Such a fun weekend packed with activity and family time. I wish I could freeze these two little boys like this forever. Such a fun time of life!