Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

I just love this man! He will be missed by millions around the world. I was just telling my girlfriend today how amazed I am with his ability to relate to people of all ages, genders, races, and religions. I was listening to NPR radio the day after his death and they were interviewing priests and bishops of other faiths in the SL valley. It was humbling to listen to them praise what a great man he was. The reoccuring theme I heard from these interviewees on the radio was that he had a special way about making others feel special and that you mattered to him. President Hinckley had a great vision and accomplished so much in his life, but I'm happy that he is now with his Heavenly Father, our Savior and his dear wife.

Skiing with "Ka"-Bug

Ever since Kailee has been little, I've always called her K-Bug. This year for Christmas she signed her name on all of her presents "Ka"-Bug, so we now have to tease her about it. We've even added an additional "ka" on there to make it "ka ka"-Bug. Anywho, that is just a side note. Two weekends ago we took Ka-Bug skiing and it has been awhile since she had hit the slopes. In fact, the last time we took her skiing, she cried the entire time and stated "I ski better at Brighton, rather than Deer Valley. This place sucks."


I was made aware of this website (www.votehelp.org) and I took the test to see who they would align me up with. Surprisingly I matched up with Huckabee with 93.67% and Romney for 93.42%. Who would have thought? I guess I now know that I have always been biased FOR Romney because of his religion. It was good insight, but it's not going to make me change my mind. I'm set for Romney!

Oh...and even more surprisingly my third candidate they said I matched up with Obama at 92.5%. Although, it wasn't that surprising, because I sort of like Barack. Go ahead and take the test and then leave me a comment with your results--I'm so curious. :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Overdue Update!

These are very overdue x-mas photos. This is my mom & immobile sister (I'll post about it later)
Mom & Ka-Bug having a x-mas dinner at Little America

A couple of months ago I visited my dear friend, Kimmy in Arizona. We lounged around in our pjs, watched multiple chick flicks, ate yummy homemade food, worked out a few times, shopped, and played with her adorable baby, Easton.
Easton is just about the cutest kid ever! Even his cry was cute.
Can you believe all of that hair?
When it was all said and done, I had a blast visiting and I didn't want to go home. Kim was such a great example of what motherhood should be like and I appreciated her patience in teaching me the ins and outs of what it takes to be a mom--whenever that might be for me. :) When I got home from Arizona, Tim has cleaned the house and put up our Christmas tree with lights (this tells you how long ago these pictures were taken). He even made me dinner and set a candlelight dinner for me. Such a cute, romantic dude he is.
Just a few weeks ago, my brother and dad came into town to ski and visit. We spent the majority of the week skiing between Deer Valley, Snowbird, and Snowbaisin. I always love when they come into town--it's such a reprieve from my daily life.

Tim, Kirst, & Meg. (Everyone says me and Meg look like twins, but I don't see it)
Brian & Dad
I even got to see my good friend Kim again. She came into town for X-mas with her cute little family. This picture was taken right after I lost 2,000 points while playing the game dice. Should of stopped while I was ahead--greed gets the best of me.

Me & Dad
Just this last weekend, Tim and I decided to get out and go snowshoeing. We packed the dogs into the car and headed up to the canyon behind our house. After about an hour of hiking, Gus started to get distressed, cold, and whiney. We had to cut our adventure short and tail it back to car. Gus was so cold (and he even had his argyle turtle neck sweater on), Tim had to put him inside of his coat and zip it up.

Lastly, my hair was getting ridiculously long and I had had enough of pony tails and wet hairdos. I decided to cut my hair yesterday right after I was done with work and surprise Tim when he got home.
Tim always liken's me unto cars....Tim's words are..."I fee like I've traded in my Mercedes for a Porsche."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen: He's still got it!

Last night we decided to go to a very late dinner at the Cheesecake factory.  During our time there we came in contact with one of Tim's "fans".  This certain "fan" (that happened to be our waitress) was enamored by Tim's jokes and chattiness.  In fact during the night, she kept speaking directly towards him and winking.  It was actually quite obvious that she was taken smitten by Tim.  In fact, I'm pretty sure she thought I was his sister, because he NEVER wears his wedding ring.  The entire night we were laughing that "he's still got it with the ladies."