Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Prepared!

In lieu of recent events in Nevada, it has got me thinking about what I can do better to prepare myself in case a large scaled earthquake hits Utah. Over the last year, we have tried hard to build up our food storage. With little space in our townhome we have turned to our garage for storage. Every time we’re at the grocery store or Costco, we end up buying a little more than we currently need to add to our storage. We’ve even bought approximately 30 containers of propane gas (the ones that attach to your camping stove) and we’ve stocked up on charcoal brickets and firewood. I know what you’re thinking---over the top and obsessive. I would agree! It’s become quite the hobby of mine and every time I add something to my food storage/emergency preparedness pile I feel less and less anxious about future events that may or may not happen.  However, if anyone has any suggestions to further my preparedness...I'm open to other ideas.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My "Normal" Family!

My family from Kansas came to visit for their annual ski trip. However, every time I pull out the camera my family members "pose" for their pictures. In fact, I don't remember the last time I got a good family portrait taken, where we are all smiling. Above is a picture of Meg picking her nose with her tongue (this picture doesn't do it justice--she can actually get her tongue submerged)
Typical face for Tim!
Feefers all by her lonesome. Again, another "normal" picture for my family.
ummm... this is quite disturbing Dara! Even Meghan (our little liberal) looks concerned.
The one person in my family (my dad) that will actually smile normal with me can't even keep his eyes open long enough to take a picture. :(

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Beana!

Sabrina turned 27 on Saturday.  I just thought I would take this time to state my 10 favorite moments/things about her.   

1.  The first time I met Beana we were all playing UNO (the fast version) and everyone (except me) was cheating against her.  When she finally figured out the corruption in the game, she stood up and used some choice words.  Then upon her leaving the house, I politely stated that "it was a pleasure meeting her" and she returned with a "I wish I could say the same."  And so became our first impressions of each other.  Of course it was all in fun and games and we tease her about it to this day.
2.  She is a YOGA machine and she is always enticing me to join her.
3.  She is an expert gardner and her yard always looks to immaculate.
4.  She HATES germs, bacteria, and sharing foods/drinks with others.  A couple of years ago she brought her chocolate fountain over to a family party and lets just say that she quickly left with it after someone purposely put their already licked finger in the chocolate stream.   I don't blame her for that one...that's totally disgusting.   
5.  She is the most amazing scrapbooker EVER!  I'm always amazed with her creativity and the effort/time she puts into all of our birthday cards.   
6.  Her sarcastic personality always has me laughing so hard.  She is extremely humorous and I love it. 
7.  She's quite the rock band extremist and is actually throwing a party to prove her skills.  
8.  When she goes camping she likes to go hardcore.  "None of this luxury camp stuff", she says.  While Tim and I thrive on these excursions because we LOVE to cook outdoors, her and Tad will cook simple meals in plastic bags if they have to.  
9.  She has such a strong testimony and it's hard not to notice when you're around her.   
10.  And, lastly she is the most adorable new mother.  She is so sweet to watch with her cutie patootie son, Logan.

Happy Birthday Beana, we love you!  

Friday, February 8, 2008


Bouncing Souls
Face to Face

Face to Face has reunited and going on tour this summer. Also...Bouncing Souls is coming into town on April 16th and will be playing at The Venue. This post is dedicated to all of those punk music lovers. (Don't worry we got a telephone call from Tim's brother @ 1:00am last night with this exciting news) :) We love ya Nate.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last Weekend's Events

Last weekend I went skiing with the in-laws, beana and bambino Logan while Tim worked at Deer Valley. After lunch I opted to stay in the lodge and watch Logan so his mommy could ski without worry. Somedays I wish I were one of the sister-in-laws that could help beana out by watching Logan during the week. Alas, I work too, so it won't happen until we have kids of our own. :( Tim and I also went snowshoeing on lazy Sunday afternoon with the dogs. It doesn't get much better than that. Tim and I found a new use for our avalanche shovel--sledding!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make your mark!

I got my sticker! Did you? :)

ADDENDUM: I am saddened by the results of this race. I really wish Newt Gingrich was running now! :(