Monday, October 25, 2010

A First and A Last!

After much lead up and anxiety about Miles' dreaded FIRST dentist appointment, he took it rather well. The first 10-15 seconds in the seat were the hardest until he realized that the brush was not hurting him. Then he realized the toothpaste tasted rather yummy and that kept his attention just long enough for the dentist to give his teeth a quick count and brush. All looked well. Phew.

Afterwards Tim and myself got a good scolding from the dentist for still allowing our child a bottle of milk each day. Shame on us! I tried explaining to our dentist about all of the change that has ensued over the last 2-3 months, with hopes that would cut me some slack, but she wasn't have any of it. I left the dentist feeling like the world's worst mom. I'm not putting this out here to receive validation or reassurance, but rather to ask you all what your child's first dentist appointments were like???

New things I learned or were told by our dentist (some of which I agree with and some I don't):

-My child should have stopped using a bottle by the age of one and a sippy cup by 18 months.
-My children should only nurse until one years old and then go straight to a sippy cup (now this I couldn't believe-- my Child's dentist, not pediatrician, telling me to stop nursing my child. Not sure that's her place to speak??? Peeved me a bit)
-I should straddle my Child's head every night on the ground to get a good brushing (what?!?! Like that's not traumatizing?)
-And lastly, from here on out all parents and guardians sit in the waiting room while their children receive services. (is this normal? I had never heard of such a thing.)

Anyway, so this brings me to the LAST part: Miles had his last bottle 5 days ago and we haven't looked back since. It didn't even affect him. It made me more sad than anything to think that my little baby is no longer that-- he's a little boy!

Next on our agenda to big boyhood-- taking the binky away. Wish us luck.

Graham sat in the corner of the exam room just smiling away. I think the twinkle in his eye says it all, "glad it's not me in that chair". Just love him.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Visitors!

After one month apart Miles and Grandma Wade were reunited in New Mexico. Even though their plane arrived late into the evening we felt it special enough to keep the kids up for the occasion.
Although the picture below is blurry I love it, nonetheless. He could hardly contain himself with excitement and ran to her with all of his might.
Kailee, Grandma and Miles reunited at last!
The weekend was short, but we packed it full of activity.

After a ride down a hot slide, Miles has been terrified to play on any playground equipment. That was until this past weekend. Thanks to Kailee he is now a slide pro.
Graham absolutely adores his daddy. His giggles, gummy smiles and chubby cheeks make it extremely hard to not eat him up.

Of course we had to take Grandma Wade and Kailee up the tram to check out the view. I was thinking the second time around Miles wouldn't be as scared of the Tram, but he was. While up at the top we met a family that are in our stake. We struck up a conversation with them after we noticed their BYU apparel. :) Small world.
I just wanted to take note of the picture above. Graham has gotten HUGE! When complete strangers ask how old my children are they are surprisingly alarmed when I tell them Graham is approximately 3.5 months. He could easily pass for a 6 month old.
Miles has been obsessed with "monk--eyes" (Monkeys) and he found this sock monkey hat that Aunty Teisha bought him and can not be separated from it.
Wagner's farm is no Thanksgiving Point, but it sufficed our pumpkin patch needs. They had this really fun corn kernal box that the kids LOVED digging in. Could not pry Miles away from that.

I'm sure Miles is saying "ball" in the picture below. All pumpkins are balls to him.
Grandma Wade came bearing gifts and toys. This new sock monkey is a fave around our house. We loved having Grandma Wade visit. Miles and Grandma have a special bond. There is something about their relationship and how they interact that I love witnessing. Maybe it's that they are both obsessed with each other. It was a rather sad this morning when we dropped Grandma and Kailee off at the airport. The drive home was solemn and tearful. We can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving. Love you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandma Fuller Visits!

After what seemed to be the fastest month of my life, Grandma Fuller decided to pay us a visit in NM. During her week and half stay we managed to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

The day after she arrived we headed up to our favorite park to see if we could catch a glimpse of all the hot air balloons in the sky. To our surprise we could see a bunch of them, but we decided we needed to make time for the fiesta so we could see the balloons up close.
Grandma Fuller came just in time to witness a bunch of milestones with Graham. The past week he began giggling and engaging everyone with his squinty eye'd smile.

Peggy didn't know that while in town she was going to grow another appendage, but she welcomed it with open arms. Miles was attached to her hip the entire week and for almost every meal, diaper change, book reading, and prayer he just HAD to have Grandma Fuller.
The ABQ BioPark Zoo has the coolest kid zone play area. Unfortunately the day we went it was close for cleaning, but Miles thoroughly enjoyed the water spouting feature, nonetheless.
checking out the koi fish
I would have never guessed that my brave little boy would have been terrified of the tram, but he did not like the idea of cramming into the small cart with 50 other people for a short 15 minute ride to the top. He eventually calmed down once in Daddy's arms and was able to look out the windows at all of the rocks.
It was absolutely beautiful at the top! I had heard the sunsets in Albuquerque were pretty, but from the top I would say it was down right gorgeous.

The Sandia Peak Tramway runs 2.7 miles along the Sandia Mountains. It has the longest single span of tram in the world. I believe the tram operator said from the second tram tower to the top was approximately 1.6 miles.
Our backyard is truly beautiful.

BALLOON FIESTA-- 1st Attempt
Our first attempt to see the Balloon Festival was on Thursday night to witness the after dark balloon glow, but due to high winds the event was cancelled. So we decided to make the best of it and eat delicious green chile breakfast burritos for dinner and walk around taking in all of the festivities.

BALLOON FIESTA-- 2nd Attempt
Because the event was "winded" out our tickets were good for any other day so we decided to return on Sunday morning for the final mass ascension and morning glow. Even though we had to wake the kiddies up at 5am in order to make it on time we were so glad we did it. Miles couldn't stop pointing and saying, "blooooonssss" (balloons).
Tired boys, but happy to be there.
When the balloons are filling up with air it's like "survival of the fittest". All of the balloons fight their way to get full and then once full of hot air they take off right there in front of you. It was so fun to watch all of the bright colored balloons ascend into the sky just inches away from us.

I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of them, but the last two days of Peggy's fun filled adventure Bill and Nate drove down to help us move and unpack. Such a huge help and now that we're somewhat settled I can't wait to get into the groove of this city and start finding fun things for the boys to participate in.
We are so glad Grandma & Grandpa Fuller and Uncle Nate came to visit, but we were sad to see them leave. After they packed up their stuff into the car and headed out Miles came inside and cuddled (and if anyone knows my son they know he doesn't sit still long enough to cuddle) with me for almost 30 minutes crying out "nana". He loves his Grandma and we can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving. Thanks for visiting. Sure do love you guys.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

8 years down

Above are some of the most important things that have happened to us the last 8 years.

Eight years has gone fast! When I look back at the last eight years I think of everything we have accomplished and how far we've come. From living in subsidized housing and scraping by every month when we were first married to having two kids and being financially stable. It's crazy what 8 years, an education, the church, family and friends can do for you. So here's to 8 and eternity more. Love you babe.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Proud Sista!

I have to toot my little sister's horn. She just recently moved to NYC, contracted with a firm to model, dance, act, sing-- you name it. This past week she auditioned to be a dancer for Kayne West and his SNL gig and SHE GOT IT!

So this coming Saturday (October 2nd) she will be a dancer on SNL. Everyone tune in to support her. I'm a seriously proud Sister.
Way to go Wick!