Monday, December 31, 2007

Gross, Disgusting, and Remarkable!

When I was younger I enjoyed doing normal little boy things - spitting, farting, burping...  Unfortunately, my younger and (at the time) more mature sister Teisha (shown shredding on the wake skate below) would usually be the butt of my disgustingness.  One day, after a particularly offensive outburst from me (I can't remember what it was), Teisha, wanting to sound as mature as possible, yelled this stern reprimand:

"That was gross, disgusting, and REMARKABLE!"

She had no idea what remarkable meant, but she sure sounded mature and adult like!  

And so was born one of the most cherished phrases in the Fuller family.  Despite Teisha's creative use of the English language she is the best little sister a guy could ask her and I love her to death!


Erika & Jason said...

My only Christmas wish, besides donating 2 chickens to African kids, is to go wakeboarding this summer. Any way we can arrange a hook-up? Pretty Please?????

Aitken Crew said...

I still maintain my innocence on this issue, but thanks for your sweet comments! Love You Big Bro!!

Molly Sue said...

Oh Bubbles, we know what the reality of your theme song is...Ta ta ta taaaaaa!! He he.

Josie said...

The Clark equivalent of this is: "you're neither cute nor clever" which is what Steve would say when someone was acting up - - Ben says this to me about once a week.
Teish is such a cutie - nice shredding!