Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was made aware of this website (www.votehelp.org) and I took the test to see who they would align me up with. Surprisingly I matched up with Huckabee with 93.67% and Romney for 93.42%. Who would have thought? I guess I now know that I have always been biased FOR Romney because of his religion. It was good insight, but it's not going to make me change my mind. I'm set for Romney!

Oh...and even more surprisingly my third candidate they said I matched up with Obama at 92.5%. Although, it wasn't that surprising, because I sort of like Barack. Go ahead and take the test and then leave me a comment with your results--I'm so curious. :)

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The Legers said...

Romney: 97.76%
Huckabee: 96.94%
Fingers are crossed for Romney today and the Florida votes!

~Kirst, that's funny that you ordered the graphics that I posted. I think they are soo cute and would be cute in a nursery too...maybe I will have to order them too and just hang on the them for awhile! How random that we'd both pick that pattern and color! : )