Thursday, March 5, 2009


Due to extreme cuteness and lots of out-of-town family members just dying to see pictures, this blog has officially been overhauled by Miles!  Here's to another post about my first month and the mischief I've been stirring up...

I joined a gang (an all male, 3 generational one).  Above are the only members--Grandpa Vigil, me, and Great-Grandpa Vigil.
I cuddled with my buddy, Mr. Ribbit
I took lots of cat-naps on the couch with my biggest fan.

I put on a fashion show for my Grandma (because she went a little crazy shopping again). Don't you just love that tiny newborn collard shirt?  He looks so handsome in it.
I went on my first date with the neighborhood female newborn (Samantha).  I couldn't stop staring at her, but she wanted nothing to do with me.  

I hung out in my borrowed swing.  Sometimes I mistake my blanket for my binky.
I visited my buddy Jack Jack (whom was scared of me and immediately jumped off the couch)

And lastly, I went out to dinner at my first fancy schmancy restaurant (of which I slept the entire time).  Side note-- Tim's friend opened a new restaurant downtown (J. Wongs Asian Cuisine).  It's on 200 S. & about 150 W.  It is just as good if not better than Mandarin or PF Changs.  Plus, it's reasonably priced.  So if you get a chance go and check it out.


Teisha said...

Feww! I got my fix! Thanks! Keep them coming!

Bianca said...

Best dressed newborn on the block! Keep the pictures coming :D

Sabrina said...

We so want to try Jason's place. I drive past it everyday. I've been bugging John to go there too for lunch. Oh well not enough hours in the day.

I love his little shoes in the shot of Grandma's new clothes.

Salt H2O said...

He's such a handsome boy! I'm glad you got pictures of his first date with Sam. I'm going to copy it for yhe scrapbook.

Erika Hanks said...

you guys look SO good! Miles is growing already!

Mama McKinley said...

I love your blog - thanks for the updates. Miles is SO adorable!!

The Pettingills said...

Hey Kirsten! I found your blog through the Linfords blog. Anyways, my blog is private so if you want to see it send me your email address on facebook or you can email it to me at Your little boy is so stinkin cute! We need to get together soon!