Monday, May 4, 2009

Update for the Distant Fam

Gus got a haircut (his first one ever). Tim was finally persuaded to "trim" Gus' hair and this is how we got our little guy back. Dr. Joe's (love him) office had to shave him because he had so many sticks in his coat.
Love aside, this is why I married the man. He can fix ANYTHING!
Visiting Great-Gran Vigil again before mommy goes back to work.
Okay so we totally posed Miles for this picture, but we had to because we have an identical picture of Gussy that we wanted to replicate. P.S. BIG NEWS--Miles is into his 3-6 month clothing now and they're sorta tight on him. :(
Although he's getting bigger, he's still little to us. Little boy in a big hat.
Hanging with Bompa

Miles won't remember any of this, but before I returned to work we fit in as much as possible. We visited Discovery Gateway with the Lilyquists, and the Zoo & Aquarium with the Thompsons. Daddy's starting Miles early on the wall. Got to get those fingers callused.
Lastly, we decided that our chances on winning the cutest baby contest would greatly increase if we just sent Miles in so they could see for themselves. What to do you think--are our chances good?


Melissa said...

Hi Kirsten ... just wanted to drop you a note to say how adorable Miles is! Congratulations!!! He definitely deserves to win cutest baby. (And in case you are wondering who I am ... my husband and I know your dad and Vicky through our twins. :) Congrats again and welcome to parenthood! You can drop me an email, if you'd like, at firmfam4 at gmail dot com. :)

Erika Hanks said...

What a doll! Carson only wore his 3-6 month clothes for about a month, I swear that is the period they grow SOOO much, SOOO fast! So you are going back to work? Good luck, I am sure you will be amazing at doing it all!

Teisha said...

I think you need to mail him to me! Love all the pics! He is getting so big!

Adam and Cara Rigby said...

Don't you love how being a parent makes you become SO cheesy...not that I thought anything was cheesy. It's funny the silly things we do with our kids (painting their butts like easter eggs) just because we can & they can't do anything about it :) Anyways, he is so cute...beyond cute.